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So when I heard that they hadn’t even had a photo of themselves until they had already been dating 2-3 years…I gasped! We needed to fix that STAT! AS of today, they have been dating for 6 years and engaged for 5 months….and they are stinkin adorable!!!

So tell us how you met!?

“We met in college…we lived in the same dorm freshman year and the story goes that I was introduced to Wayne by my room mate and I blew him off. We were both student athletes and had many mutual friends. About a year and a half later we were re-introduced and then ran into each other in the training room in an ice bath (therapy for certain injuries), very confined space and cold! We smiled at each other and had a conversation and hung out for a bit after that. We were friends for about 8 months and then started dating the following pre-season!”- Danielle
indiana pa engagement photographer“We frequently go hiking at a park called Harrison Hills in Natrona Heights and there’s a “red/yellow” trail that is our favorite. About 20 minutes into the trail there’s this high bench that overlooks the river and is always beautiful, no matter what time of year — we always stop here on our hikes and take a moment to just be together. The day Wayne proposed (a Tuesday after work lol) we went for a hike and he told me he had a surprise. He made me close my eyes and he fidgeted for a bit, I opened my eyes and he had little votive candles on the bench and pulled out a bottle of “Pittsburgh Red” a wine his mom had told me about for ages that she likes. I thought that was my surprise (it’s been difficult for us to find that particular wine) and was super excited until I remembered alcohol consumption in public is illegal and we’d seen a ranger at the very beginning of our hike! I panicked for a minute, but he told me to calm down, chugged his glass and said, “you know I want to spend everyday for the rest of my life with you–well maybe those days should start today” and he got down on one knee, pulled out a box and said, “Danielle Renee Gilliam, will you marry me?” I just remember hugging him (kissing too lol) for ages and finally him saying, don’t you even want to see the ring? (I had a bit to say before hand in the general idea/information of it, he picked and bought it on his own) I of course did and we put it on and the rest is history!”- Danielle

 “We both love sports, we like to hike and frequently go to Wayne’s family’s hunting camp (more like a summer home). I am from NYC and love all things city — Wayne is slowly coming around! LOL. We like to try new restaurants and we like Scotch, Irish Whiskey, wine and craft beers. We’re both comfortable outdoors, but I’m definitely a little fancier than he is.”- Danielle

indiana pa engagement photographerThree words that describe her:
…and may *I* add FREAKIN GORGEOUS!!

indiana pa engagement photographerThree words that describe him:
Mischievious (and is incredibly cute while doing so — also he knows it)
Generous/Caring — can be naturally surly, but is SO sweet beneath it all

indiana pa engagement photographerindiana pa engagement photographer

And although it was a rainy and quite crappy day, the sun came out literally as they arrived! So we ran up the hill…no really, we did and then snagged this shot! It’s one of my favorites! <3


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