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brandon + julie | portraits at the heritage house, indiana pa

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“We met through and agreed to a coffee date at Panera. I was tiring of the online dating scene after a few months of duds and was about to sign off for good. Brandon, on the other hand, had just joined the site, looking for a way to meet new people despite his busy schedule. We talked for four hours on our first date, and the rest is history!”- Julie

heritage house suites in indiana pa wedding portraitsTell us how he proposed!
“Brandon planned to propose on Groundhog Day, as an homage to my Western Pa. roots. But unfortunately he failed to notice that February 2 was also another American holiday this year–the Super Bowl. I, unaware of his plans, invited friends over to watch the game and invited my best friend to visit for the whole weekend. So when he found out that I had the weekend planned, he decided to do the proposal early. On Friday night, while we were hanging out at his apartment, he handed me a Beanie Baby groundhog. I was confused. I think I said: “Why are you giving me this?” But then I saw the ring on the groundhog’s arm and realized what was happening. He was asking me to marry him. And I said yes. Then we celebrated at a nice restaurant!”- Julieheritage house suites in indiana pa wedding portraitsBrandon describes Julie as: sweet, smart, silly
Julie describes Brandon as: talkative, funny, dedicated

What are your favorite hobbies to do together as a couple?
“Honestly, we just talk a lot. A lot. We also binge-watch TV shows on Netflix, cook together, and play with his dog and cat, who are adorable.”- Julie
heritage house suites in indiana pa wedding portraitsIf your relationship had a theme, what would it be?
“laughter. We just laugh a lot when we’re together.”-JulieBrandon + Julie Mitchell-24963 things you can’t live without:
Brandon: the dog and cat, peanut butter, and Julie!
Julie: music, cheese, and Brandon!
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