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being on the other side | indiana county, pa photographer

By May 1, 2015 One Comment

I forget sometimes what it’s like to be on the “OTHER” side of the camera. Here I am pointing a lens at my clients on a regular basis, snapping away and forgetting how vulnerable, self cautious or down right uncomfortable it can be. I know first hand what it feels like to have insecurities about my body, the way my clothes fit…and I also know that us women like to point out all the things that we’d love to change about ourselves rather than picking out the amazing things about ourselves. We all have this little voice in our head that doubts if we’re pretty enough, if we’re thin enough, if we’re good enough……and sometimes we just need to get in front of the camera and see what everyone else sees! It’s intimidating, BUT I know that when you find that perfect photographer, you forget that the camera is even there and your personality shines thru!

I believe you hire a photographer not just based based on the kinds of photos they produce but also because of their personality, it’s usually someone you’d feel comfortable with and that you can relate to. So to everyone who has hired me to photograph you over the years…..thank you for trusting me to capture you…..because trust me, I felt so incredibly awkward being on the other side and if it’s just a fraction of how you guys felt when I was shoving my camera in your face….well you deserve some kind of award! haha!

These images below were shot by my photographer friends Courtney Katherine Weaver and Joelle Watt…..they are not only super talented behind the camera, beautiful in person and gorgeous inside…they are amazing business women and moms! I love our little photog meet ups and how we have helped build each other up over the years! Tri- County Representttttttttt!!! <3

If you already follow me on Instagram, you may have seen a few of these already…..


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One Comment

  • Lorrin Sell says:

    They’re all beautiful and you are so right, it’s hard to be on the other side of the camera!!

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