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It’s been YEARRRRS since I’ve gone to the Prom – I’m now an old fart but  I love to live vicariously thru YOU. I have a special place in my heart for prom……mostly because it was one of the times in high school that I felt the most beautiful. If you’ve been following me for a while, you might know what when I was in high school I won a contest thru Teen Magazine called “the prom-a-thon” and I received some amazing prizes which helped pay for the entire prom that year. If it wasn’t for that, I’m not sure I could have gone financially so it’s a memory that I hold very close to my heart.

jen mcken teen magazine prom winner

Excuse the quality of these images. These are photographs of the pictures that were in the newspaper.)……..AND they were back from 1997 (in my MUCH thinner days!!) I told you I’m an old fart!

I remember spending MONTHS agonizing over what dress and shoes to wear, how my hair would look…..and back then-we’d cut things out of magazines and bring them into school to show our friends but now with Pinterest, I can only imagine! So here’s what I’m thinking….especially for my senior guys and girls who have had sessions with me this past year….You’ll be all dressed up in your gorgeous gown, your hair and makeup will be perfect, your date is going to be looking handsome and you’re going to have the time of your life….so why not feel extra special with a mini 15 minute modeling session before prom!?

Because of a huge demand from everyone….I’ll be at a specific location taking 10-15 minute mini sessions for you AND your date. It’s going to be $50 to reserve your time and then prints are purchased after prom thru an online gallery. *If you think you want more time, you can purchase additional time slots. These are first come first serve and must be reserved and must be paid for in order to secure your time slot. My newsletter peeps and previous clients had first dibs on the time slots but I do have a handful of spots still available.

What this means is that YES you will need to be ready for prom several hours before Grand March…but then you’ll get to rock out some model shots before walking on stage! This is not your typical “prom stance” photos….you’re looking GORGEOUS  -let’s take advantage of it, I want you to feel magazine worthy!! Take your prom images to the next level! 🙂

Call or email to pick your time and pretty pretty please be on time …..or……I’ll edit your photos to look like you’re missing teeth!! <—kidding, I’m kidding. But seriously, be on time! WORD!

I can’t wait to meet you!!

Send me an email at or use the contact link above! Please make sure to include the name of the school, the date of your prom and your contact information.


Prom Minis 2015 indiana county pa photographers

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