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mexico 2015 | family vacation with out my big girl camera

By July 30, 2015 One Comment

This is literally how it happened. Monday, after weeks and weeks of dreary rain and crappy gray weather, we casually said, “hey we need to go somewhere where we can find summer”. Tuesday, we called the travel agent and Wednesday at 4 AM, we were on our way to Mexico…just like that! We’ve always been the last minute kind of people and I saw a few days in the calendar where I could find a few consecutive days off and we went for it. I NEEEEEEDED it. I’m “self diagnosed” seasonal affective disorder and I can feel my mood and creativity slowly slip away when the weather is dreary.

I didn’t even take my “big girl” camera *gasp*…equipped with my iphone camera and a waterproof camera, we enjoyed the week. Honestly, I didn’t want to have to “babysit”  my camera equipment at the beach or the pool or any other excursion we went on….so I left it at home and just took my point and shoots! After-all, it’s the photographer not the camera right?!? haha!

Below are some images that I snapped along the way. We had a fantastic time, I got my dose of sun and we made a ton of memories. I feel so energized…..and I feel like myself again. It was great to just focus on the 3 of us as a family and spend some quality time. If you follow me on Instagram, you got to see some of my shenanigans…..but you didn’t get to see everything. This trip was exactly what the doctor ordered…I’m re-energized and ready to shoot my guts out during wedding season..and we created a few memories along the way!! haha!

Incase you were wandering, we stayed at the Barcelo Maya in the Riviera Maya, Mexico


mexico 2015 jen mcken family vacationI had the whole seat to myself…it was the best ride ever. I sprawled out and read a book the entire time….a little bit of self improvement! 🙂mexico 2015 jen mcken family vacationAs soon as we got there, we went exploring. I was just in love with the fact that the sun was out….but all of the colors! mexico 2015 jen mcken family vacationmexico 2015 jen mcken family vacationBut it wasn’t too long before we made our way to the ocean and the pool! mexico 2015 jen mcken family vacationDon’t worry, that drink is a non-alcoholic drink….she ordered her favorite “dirty monkey and shirley temples” the entire time!
mexico 2015 jen mcken family vacationThe resort had an awesome kids section and was very family friendly! We chose is specifically because it had it’s own little kid water park. Mallory had a blast!mexico 2015 jen mcken family vacationOur resort also had it’s very own dolphin area, so we got to go visit the dolphins whenever we wanted! They had public shows around 11:30 am every day..Mallory obviously loved this too! mexico 2015 jen mcken family vacationThere was so much to do there! We took advantage of everything! mexico 2015 jen mcken family vacationScuba Steve….is that you?!?! It’s amazing what a little bit of sun can do for your soul! mexico 2015 jen mcken family vacationSomeday I will live near the ocean! Mark my words!
mexico 2015 jen mcken family vacationWe fed the fish banana’s <—in my Minion Voice! They loved it and so did we! It was so awesome to “swim with the fishes” as they say! haha! mexico 2015 jen mcken family vacationmexico 2015 jen mcken family vacationThe other thing I loved…the resort was not super crowded. We didn’t have to wait very long to get drinks, at the restaurants or any other thing! No fuss! mexico 2015 jen mcken family vacation…and then we got to swim with the sea turtles. It was so amazing…..and peaceful! mexico 2015 jen mcken family vacationI could seriously move to Mexico to become a sea turtle snorkler…if there is a such thing. I had such an awesome time! mexico 2015 jen mcken family vacationAfter we swam with the sea turtles, we headed to a cenote’ deep into the jungle. We found this underground cave ……I mean check it out!! mexico 2015 jen mcken family vacationWe swam all throughout the was really difficult to get images in was very low light but it was like a whole other world down there! We had to climb down a very narrow hole to get there..there was a moment that I though, WHAT ARE WE DOING!! mexico 2015 jen mcken family vacationAfter the sun goes down…the resort turns into a whole other venue it seems. mexico 2015 jen mcken family vacationAnd the food…let’s talk about the food…’s AH-MAZING!!! Do you see those deserts….the struggle is REAL! mexico 2015 jen mcken family vacationmexico 2015 jen mcken family vacationKayaking on the ocean is soooo much better than kayaking on the river!!! Funny story, I tipped my kayak coming back into the beach because of a wave and lost the GoPro and found it quickly thank god! But it made for some good laughs!! mexico 2015 jen mcken family vacationAs our trip wound down, we had one last dinner at a Hibachi was a great night! We had an amazing time and I’m grateful to be able to show Mallory different cultures around the world…she’s never learn this in a textbook! mexico 2015 jen mcken family vacationShe loves traveling…and I’m afraid I’ve created a monster! haha!

Things I realized while I was away:
1. American’s are self centered: leaving trash on the plane and in restaurants waiting for someone else to pick it up. I am astonished how “ignorant” so many American’s are when kind of makes me sad!
2. I need to learn even more Spanish….I say this every time we go out of the country. I need to make this happen!
3. I need to become a scuba diving instructor and take people to swim with the sea turtles, it’s the most calming and relaxing thing ever!
4. When people come from all over the world, that means they drive on different sides of the road, and they don’t walk on a standard side of the sidewalk, it’s a huge cluster fark when trying to get somewhere in a hurry.
5. I feel uncomfortable when people “serve me”. It stems back from my days growing up in a trailer park…we never had anyone “serve” us…so when we travel and someone goes out of their way, it kind of makes me uncomfortable. If that even makes sense.
6. I choose to see the world thru positivity…. after all, I feel like so many amazing things have happened in my life because of the power of positivity!
7. The sound of the ocean is so SO SO SO SO good for the soul.
8. It’s ok for me not to take my “big girl” camera everywhere with me and just be in the moment!
9. I need to order a new passport because they almost didn’t leave me out of the country….I look a leeeetle different after 80 pounds.
10. Time with my family is priceless! <3

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