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christina + james picone | pittsburgh, pa wedding | sunset room

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We both went to the same college and during our senior year we both took the trip to Italy (yep, the one where Greg and I brought back Mallory! haha)….who would have thought that all these years later I’d be shooting her wedding! They had a big Italian wedding….with over 6 THOUSAND cookies! I mean, those Pittsburgh Italians really know how to throw a party! Tee he he!  I mean should have seen their dance moves!!

I love everything about their story, although Greg and I didn’t meet on Match.Com, we did meet online just like the two of them……

Picone Wedding 11.21.15-0006How did you two meet?
“We are a love story! I had tried match before and had had relationships that did not work out from it – but this was Jim’s first try with online dating and I was his first date…and he didn’t have to go on anymore 🙂 I winked and he emailed, then we started texting and calling and our first date was a few weeks later in the waterfront. Sushi and Hibachi followed by Dave and Busters!”- ChristinaPicone Wedding 11.21.15-0008Pittsburgh PA wedding photographer-sunset roomTell us about the proposal!
” It was Halloween, we were dressed as Super Mario and Princess Peach and we had just finished handing out candy and he asked what I wanted to do for the night. I told him it was up to him and he said “no its up to you, its your night” when I asked “why” he proposed.”- ChristinaPittsburgh PA wedding photographer-sunset roomPittsburgh PA wedding photographer-sunset room“We both come from old fashioned, Italian families and we are both the oldest grandchildren in each of our families. We are very traditional and I think people like us don’t come along too often anymore!”- ChristinaPicone Wedding 11.21.15-0015Describe each other using 3 words:
Jim is – understanding, compassionate and loyal
Christina is – fun, sexy and caringPicone Wedding 11.21.15-0014Picone Wedding 11.21.15-0017Picone Wedding 11.21.15-0018” We feel like we’ve known each other our whole lives and I knew I wanted to be with him forever on our second date. We spend a lot of time together and live with each other and don’t get sick of one another. We rarely fight and are able to compromise on anything. We both have very similar morals and backgrounds and want the same things in life and our marriage.”-ChristinaPicone Wedding 11.21.15-0019They got married in St. Paul Cathedral………….with a veil <—–long story! tee he he!

Picone Wedding 11.21.15-0022st paul cathedral pittsburgh churchThree things you couldn’t live without:
Our Dogs
Each other

Three things you couldn't live without: Our Dogs Pasta Each otherPicone Wedding 11.21.15-0026Picone Wedding 11.21.15-0028Picone Wedding 11.21.15-0032Picone Wedding 11.21.15-0033Picone Wedding 11.21.15-0034Picone Wedding 11.21.15-0036Picone Wedding 11.21.15-0039Picone Wedding 11.21.15-0041I can’t wait for you guys to see all of your images! I hope your face hurts just as mine did as I was editing these…I smiled the entire time! You’re friends and family are so incredibly sweet….and funny! <3

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