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They did their research. Did you know Hubba Bubba gives you the best bubble? Nine year old Mason tried pretty much all of them on the market so when he told me Hubba Bubba was the best, I didn’t even question it…and besides, it’s kind of nostalgic! Did you also know that Hubba Bubba is considered an “old time” candy. I’ll let that sit right there! haha! #IFeelSoOld

On a side note, can I tell you how much fun I am having working with these Tweens + Teens. I am so excited that I am branching out and now photographing this age group. They really get to be themselves and parents have a little something to hold onto during those treasured years….and I’m not gonna lie, I never really did grow up. I might be old, but I’m a young soul!

Just an FYI: Teen + Tween sessions will be 1/2 off from now thru the end of June….but only for the next 5 people. If you’re interested in getting your kiddo a photo shoot, reach out to me here.


tween pops a bubble in front of a blue wall wearing purple suspenders in indiana county pa

Mason takes this blowing bubbles thing VERY seriously…can’t you tell! haha!

tween blows a bubble with hubba bubba bubble gumI LOOOVE this shot! I love how you can see his teeth!

tween leaning on a blue building in down town indiana pa blowing bubbles with bubble gum and a purple tie

Look all fly!

At one point, I told Mason “you are so cute!” and he said, “yeah, I got it from my Mom!” haha!

I mean, how CUTE is he!

I was afraid he’d pull them too hard and slap himself in the face. I’m happy to report, no 9 year olds were harmed in the making of these images.

tween leans against a graffiti wall under a bridge on a back road in indiana pa

That face!

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