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It’s that time of year again! The weather is getting warmer, the sun is coming out and people are rushing to get on the schedule for photos. My schedule is filling up and so is my inbox with questions from couples-both engaged and dating that want to know I got my couples to look natural in  their photo session. They want those natural photos and aren’t sure how to “pose” and they are nervous they aren’t going to “know what to do” during their session!

Hold up… shouldn’t have to know how to pose…that’s my job so you can relax! But I did put together a few tips on how to look more natural in your photos and most of them have to do with the attitude you show up to your shoot with!

  1. Be Close: I have a general rule when photographing my couples and that is they must be touching at all times. Mostly because if you aren’t close enough to the other person, it tends to look like you’re avoiding them. haha! So I will direct you the entire time-don’t worry! Everything else in the shot could be perfect: the lighting, the location, the wardrobe…but if you aren’t willing to “get close” to your significant other, it can really have an effect on how the final image will look.

kissing in front of a barn door in a rustic engagement photo session in blairsville pa 2. Be Active: I hear (and take pride in) all the time that my photography looks so natural and they love how nothing looks the same from session to session. The truth is, that’s not really me…that’s YOU. Each couple has their own chemistry on how they interact with each other. I can tell 3 couples to go over there and kiss and the way each of them lean in, put their hands or make a facial expression will be different and I love that.

westmoreland county couple photography3. Be Stylish: “What should I wear?” is a question I get all the time. I like to keep it simple…..think solid colors, no t-shirts with words on them (no t-shirts in general is a good rule of thumb), choose clothing that compliments the location we are shooting in and think about where you want to display the images. If you want to display them in the family room with certain colors, maybe pick out clothes that will go with the color scheme.

laughing at his joke during an engagement session 4. Be Happy! My most favorite images weren’t taken by saying “ok, 1-2-3 smile!”. They were usually spontaneous shots taken while the couple were laughing at or with me! haha. No need to practice your smile in front of the mirror before your shoot, instead show up to the shoot relaxed and happy….even if it means drinking a glass or two of wine before hand (kidding….not kidding). You can’t fake happy…trust me!

kissing under a bridge and on his lap5. Be Willing……….to be spontaneous. I always tell my clients, I may ask you to sit, stand or do something that you may be thinking is cray cray….but trust me. Sometimes I ask you to do silly things not because I want a photo of what you are doing, but because I want to take a photo of your reaction.

kissing under a tree on a bridge in blairsville pa6. Be YOU. I get it, Pinterest has so many “cutesy ideas” that you want to duplicate…but here’s the thing, if you spend the time at our shoot trying to duplicate someone else’s photo it makes your images less spontaneous. Use Pinterest as a source of inspiration….not as a source of replication.

blairsville pa couple

7. Close your eyes. One of the other rules I have for my couples is that if you are going to kiss (and there will be a lot of kissing), you have to close your eyes. There is nothing more freaky then going back to edit photos of someone kissing with their eyes open! hahaha! It just looks weird.


If you show up with a great attitude and a willingness to let me boss your around, I mean “direct you”, you will love your images. I promise! 🙂

1-2-3 SMILE! <—joking!







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