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all american + small town 4th of july mini sessions | indiana, pa photographers

By June 26, 2017 No Comments

Update: YES, there are sessions available, however there are no available spots left before the 4th of July, however there is some availability after the 4th. Contact me for a spot on the calendar.

These sessions have been SO MUCH FUN! It’s been so cool seeing everyone’s inner child coming out and really have fun with this! We parked the truck on an old dirt road in the Blairsville area and had some fun! We had coke bottles, sparklers, American flags, and lots of red, white and blue clothing choices! Everyone showed up with great attitudes and we laughed and laughed…..and laughed. haha!

Here’s a little video I put together of the first two sessions we shot.



sisters pose on the back of a red 1968 chevy pickup truck for fourth of july mini sessions by jen mcken photographyMom says that they all wore outfits that shows of their personalities. I think they are prefect!!

married couple laughs while playing with sparklers on the back of a 1968 chevy on a dirt roadI love this shot!

family shares smiles with 4th of july sparklers on a dirt road in indiana paSparkler fun…I mean don’t you light sparklers up with your family on dirt roads? No?! haha!

married couple kisses by the door of a 1968 chevy red pickup with an american flag on a dirt road in small town usaSmootchy Smootchy

teen hangs out the window of a 1968 chevy pickup for a 4th of july mini session blairsville paThis gal is 16 and will be getting her drivers license very soon.We let her sit in the drivers seat for one because it was only appropriate!

married couple kissing thru the window of a red 1968 chevy pickupShe tells me it’s been a while since they’ve had photos together…..BOOM, I think we nailed it!

three sisters pose for a photo on the back of the 1968 chevy pickup on a dirt roadfamily with 1968 red chevy pickup on a small town dirt road in blacklick paI get lucky and get some easy to work with families! I ain’t mad!

little girl twirls on the back road of a small town country road in blacklick pa

And a dirt road shoot wouldn’t be done without a little dress twirl in red cowboy boots! I mean c’mon!!! <3








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