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the life of levi wesley | 10 + 11 months

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We tend to showcase the best moments of our lives on social media, but let’s face it, although those tend to be the best showcase worthy…they normally aren’t the “BEST” moments….at least not for me. It’s the little moments…the ones that aren’t “social media worthy” that make up life. You all know my story about WHY I’m a photographer…so it doesn’t need to be said on why I love to document the everyday little moments. Those are the moments that I want to remember. The in-between…the small stuff. He’s growing so fast and I want to remember everything…..even the boring stuff!!

It’s hard to believe he’s approaching the one year mark. Not only am I running out of excuses on why I’m still a few pounds (ok A LOT of pounds) over weight…the whole “I just had a baby” thing won’t necessarily be a good excuse anymore, but day-um that went fast. I’m fortunate to have been able to work from home so that I could be there for all the little moments that we sometimes take for granite. They aren’t always glorious but they are OURS and I hope that one day when I’m long gone, the kids will look back at all the photos I’ve taken and know that they were important enough to document and be able to see how much I loved them thru the images I created.

So many exciting things have happened since the last blog. He’s learning to take steps and it won’t be long before his feet are pitter pattering around the house, he’s trying lots of new foods, he had his first haircut AND he had his first trip to camp just to name a few!

great grandma helps Levi learn to walk

Speaking of camp….we took him to my parent’s camp at Tidioutte for Memorial Day. Levi’s Great Grandma helping him learn to walk on the porch at camp.

levi plays on grandmas antique swing at campGrandma picked up an antique swing at a garage sale……it’s safe to say-He loves it! haha!

levi gets a bath at camp in the sinkOne of the nice things about my parent’s camp is that there is running water! So giving a baby a bath in the sink is a piece of cake! haha! Notice my mom’s deer curtains…….hahaha!

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levi sleeps in akward sleep positionsAunt Brandi took Levi on a walk ….this is how he fell asleep. And the image on the right is Levi watching the ceiling projector before falling asleep in his big boy crib. I can’t believe that he is sleeping in his crib already, it seems like only a minute ago that we were bringing him home as a newborn. And it will only be a couple of years until we will have to buy him a proper bed of his own, and when that time comes, I want to make sure that he has the ultimate comfort. So that is why I’m going to start having a look for the best mattress that I can find by reading these reviews that my friend suggested to me – ( You can never be too prepared. He seems to be falling asleep relatively easily with the mattress that he has now so I might just get him one that is similar to that. But we have a couple more years to wait until we have to think about that. So, until he’s ready for a new bed, we will just keep up to date with the latest baby trends on sites similar to, where you can find reviews on baby products (see these reviews here) and blog posts for new moms.

looking out the screen door at puppyBaby toes!!! <3 <3 Also, Gracie is slowly warming up to Levi. I think little people still make her anxious, but she's slowly coming around! haha! baby splashes in his dog's bowl making a messGood LAWD, this kid won’t stay out of the dog’s water bowl! He splashes all around and makes a huge mess on the floor. The one day Mallory came walking out and bit it on the kitchen floor because there was so much water!

baby plays in the dog food bowlWhat Mom? I literally caught him red handed!

baby eating solid foods of peas and carrotsHe officially hates baby food. Now everything he eats is solid which is awesome! One of his favorites are peas and carrots.

baby sitting in carseatHe’s a good traveler. We haven’t taken a road trip more than 3-4 hours yet but so far he’s good in the car. This is my view whenever I look in the backseat! <3 In 30 years when the car seats are different we will look back and say "oh my god, I can't believe we allowed our kids to ride in those"! haha baby levi laying in his crib drinking a bottleHe’s getting so long! He’s still small for his weight but in height he is right on track.

11 month baby lifestyle photosI can’t stand how cute he is. The image on the right with the whale is an image I take every month since he was born on the same day every month.

11 month old baby loves the iphone

He loves the smart phones…mostly because it plays music I think. There is this sound of a baby laughing that when Greg plays it on the phone, he will stop whatever he is doing and come crawling into the room. He loves it and he always laughs along with it!

dad holding up 11 month old over his headA little fun with Daddy! sister kissing her baby brother on the cheekSissy kisses! He doesn’t look too amused.

11 month old baby making a pouting faceReal life…he’s not always happy! But he sure does have a cute pout face!

levi playing peek a boo with daddyPeek-a-boo!

11 monht old levi gets his first hair cutHis first hair cut!! I was a little apprehensive about it, I wasn’t sure if he was going to cooperate. Not only did he cooperate just fine but he giggled most of the time. I think the comb tickled!

levi gets his first haircut at fantastic samsHe sat on Daddy’s lap while she worked her majic! Now we can spike it and it doesn’t look like a mullet!

baby eats scoops ice cream from penn state creamery

And of course, our (almost) nightly trip to Scoops Ice Cream in Blairsville. Levi LOVES ice cream!

Stay tuned for his one year photos….we’re going to have a little party for him down by the pool. That way when he makes a mess with is cake, i can hose him off and dip him in the pool! haha!




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