PBR Engagement Session | #merica | kristin + colton

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These two EMT’s met at work. She noticed his smile and his “glorious beard” and he thought she was pretty! They first time they shared an “i love you”, Kristin says Colton was being weird so she sprayed him with silly string and he told her as he was laughing about it! I mean, can you get any more fun than that?!

Well yes…..YES YOU CAN! You can have a PBR inspired engagement session. WHAT?! You throw in some Americana, a red 1965 chevy pick up and some suspenders…BOOM! You basically have amazing-ness! haha! I love me a couple with a good sense of humor! I’m not sure we stopped laughing the entire shoot! Good times were had! haha!

When they aren’t saving lives they know how to have a carefree and fun time.

(Mom, if you’re reading this….yes, I promise you we also took several “traditional” photos as well! haha!)

Oh yes we did!! haha!

Girl laughing and posing in front of the american flagI can literally hear her laughing in this shot!


a couple kisses in front of the american flag wearing suspenders and a bandanaBut seriously though…..fierce!

couple posing with the 1965 red chevy wearing suspeners and a bandana These two had me cracking up the whole time….and my cracking up, I mean cracking some beers! hahahaaha!

engaged couple sitting on the bed of a 1965 red chevy pickup wearing suspenders and drinking a PBR beer out of a paper bagI gotta be honest-this was the first time I shot an engagement ring on the top of a beer can!

engagement ring on top of a pabst blue ribbon PBR beer canOh yes they did!

girl chugs beer from guy pouring a pbr beer into her mouth from the bed of an old pick up truckengaged couple shotgun PBR beer in front of a 1965 red chevy pickup truck in the country….and then shit got real up in hur!

spraying beer can in front of a 1965 chevy pickupspraying beer can in front of a 1965 chevy pickup wearing blue denim suspenders and an american flag bandanaspraying beer can in front of a 1965 chevy pickup wearing blue denim suspenders and an american flag bandana


I won’t lie….this shoot reminded me of being back in high school and all of our parties in the cornfield! Yep…small town nostalgia! haha! #merica

I get to work with these again next September…I have no idea what they are going to have up their sleeves but I.can.not.wait.


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