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How to incorporate your teens hobbies and interests into a photo session.

Meet 16 year old Blake…..I’ve been photographing him since he was in elementary school so the fact that he’s in high school and almost ready to drive boggles my mind! Look how little he was! This makes me feel VERY old!

Blake is a car guy and he brought along their yellow mustang so I thought the appropriate location would be a garage. Most of you know Greg owns an auto body restoration shop in the blairsville area so I told him (notice I didn’t say ask) that we were going to do a photo shoot at his garage. haha! We shot some images in his office, some in the paint booth with a few smoke bombs and then outside in front of the garage doors. It was perfect for what we were going for!


blake in front of vintage signs inside of a autobody restoration shopI love all the vintage signs…and notice the vintage office chair! LOVE!

vintage oil cans inside of an autobody restoration shop

Yes those are authentic oil cans…..most of them are still full.

blake looking out the window of an autobody paint shopI love me a black and white image! I had to play a little with the light here.

teen under the hood of a yellow mustangIt wouldn’t be a “car guy” shoot without getting under the hood!

teen photo session with yellow mustang and blue ski and red lightDid I mention we had AMAZING blue skies that evening?!

teen photo session with yello mustangI love the yellow against the blue skies.

blake sitting inside of his yellow mustangVROOM VROOM!

teen photo shoot in a paint booth with smoke bombs

We had a little fun in the paint booth with smoke bombs!

Yo Blake, stop getting older!







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