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the difference between purchasing a print and a digital file | indiana, pa photographers

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The difference between purchasing a print and a digital file:

Jen Mcken Photography INC., is a full service photography studio. I offer not only sessions but also editing + retouching, print and product sales AND hi-res digital files. I take great pride in the quality editing process including color saturation, flesh tones, contrast, and tint and minor retouching. Although I love seeing my images in print and BIG up on clients walls and in heirloom albums offered by my studio, I do understand that some clients prefer to have the digital version of the image(s) for other uses – that’s why I offer both options to fulfill those needs.

Hi-Res Digital File

What is a hi-res digital file(s) and why would I want them?
When you purchase a digital file(s),you are purchasing a downloadable image with the right to make unlimited, royalty free, prints for personal use such as electronic and hardcopy form. Hi-Res files are 300 dpi and are in jpeg form. Essentially, you are purchasing a lifetime license. This gives you the legal right to print, upload, share, or whatever you need to use it for personal use. This can mean having an outside lab print multiple copies for you, uploading them to social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat, etc, using them on your website, print graduation announcements + invitations or perhaps you want to create your own photo book.

It is important to note that Jen McKen Photography Inc. can not be held responsible for the quality of the prints or products from outside labs as I can not control the quality of their printing process and ink levels. However, you are free to have them printed at any lab of your choosing. Also, after several requests, we have opened up the opportunity for clients who purchase the digital file option, to purchase significantly discounted prints and products from my professional lab in order to ensure a quality product. My professional lab has an experienced team of technicians to ensure you get beautiful, consistent color on every image.

So how does it work?
Hi-Res files are sold individually AND in groups. You can purchase a single digital file for $125. If you love more than one, purchasing the digital packages (or groups) of 10, 24, 40 or ALL of the proofs you see-that option is available as well. There is also packages grouped with products such as albums and prints which are very popular with clients. You can see the pricing below.

$125 =  1 single individual digital file
$550=up to 10 digital files
$950=up to 24 digital files
$1200=up to 40 digital files
$1400= ALL digital files, no prints
$1750= All digital files + 8×8- 20 page, 10 spread-customized album of your favorite 30 images
$1950= All digital files + 8×8- 20 page, 10 spread- customized album of your favorite 30 images and 4×6 prints for up to 30 images.

All digital file clients also receive a customized smart phone app with their favorite images. You (and your friends/family) are able to download the app directly onto your smart phone so that you can share them from wherever you are. This is a complimentary service for clients who purchase 10 or more hi-res digital files.

How are they delivered?
They are delivered digitally within 48 hours of your order and in some cases instantly. Long gone are the days of floppy discs and soon, long will be gone the days of CD’s and flash drives. As a matter of fact, Apple’s new version of computers doesn’t even have a disc drive! In an effort to stay current with the times, for you to get your images faster, and to make your life ohh-so easy, I deliver all digital files from your session on a customized site that will not only allow you to download your images directly onto any hard drive of your choice.  You’ll also be able to share them with friends and family, share them on facebook and other social media allowing you to relive your day from ANY computer or smart phone.

*customizable usb’s are available for an additional cost.


How is a Hi-Res Digital File different from a print?
Prints are printed on the paper size of your choice. For example: 11×14, 8×10, 5×7 and so forth. It is illegal to copy, scan, take a photo of or upload prints as noted in the federal copyright laws and as you signed in the portrait agreement before your session. Prints are used as gifts, hung on walls and displayed on shelves, etc. and are not in digital form. You can not make copies of them or upload them online for any reason what so ever.

Each print has a standard archival value of 100 years in home display; 200 years in dark storage. Images are printed thru a professional lab who has an experienced team of technicians to ensure you get beautiful, consistent color on every image. Prints arrive right to your door step roughly 5-7 days after you place your order. They come in a beautiful boutique, gift wrapped box with tissue paper. If you are not happy with the quality of your images for any reason, I would be more than happy to replace it. I am very proud of my final products.

Gift Prints:
5×7 & Under-$25
11×14-$95  *professionally mounted to prevent warping/wrinkling
16×20-$145   *professionally mounted to prevent warping/wrinkling
20×30-$195  *professionally mounted  to prevent warping/wrinkling

For additional questions or clarification, feel free to message me at or contact me here.


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