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The wedding album design process

Leather albums are heirlooms-a physical product in the “digital age” that your relatives can hold onto and pass down to the next generation…..for the sole purpose of laughing at your choice of dress and hair style! I’m kidding I’m kidding…kinda!

So how does the whole “Album THANG” work? Well it begins with choosing an album size and number of spreads-for each client that is different…but the process is always the same.

I wanted to describe what that process looks like and assure you that you will have total control over what the final product will look like.

  1. The Images
    So we can do this one of two ways. #1 YOU choose the images you want to be included in your album. You select your favorites by staring the images on your proof site and I then use those images to design your album. I may pull a photo here or there in order to fill in any gaps in order to accurately tell your story but for the most part, they are 100% the images you have chosen. Or #2 You have me select the images that will be included in your album design. I will go thru and select the images that will best tell your story and use those images to make your design.
  2. The Design
    Once I have created an initial album design, you will be sent an online proof of that design. You will get to digitally flip thru the pages to see each spread. Each page and image will be identified with numbers so that we can communicate any changes you may want applied. You will also have the opportunity to upgrade to additional pages if your design should call for that OR you decide you’d like to include additional pages/images.
  3. Changes
    Clients get two rounds of changes after the initial design. This includes adding additional spreads, images and any photo swaps. After the two rounds, there is an additional charge per hour applied, however, most clients approve the sign before the second round.
  4. Approval
    You get total control of what your final product will look like-there will be no surprises. You will approve the design before it gets sent to press.
  5. Covers
    This will be the time that you will select the cover option you want-if you haven’t already. Before we can have your album printed we will need to confirm what cover you want. You will have the option to emboss the cover or even add an image to the cover of the album as you will see in the images below.
  6. Production
    Your album can take up to 4-6 weeks to be printed from the time of approval. If you need the album back before then, I would suggest to start the process of choosing your images right away OR paying a rush fee.


With a one-piece wraparound cover design, up to 50 spreads, photographic and press papers, thick or thin page options and multiple cover options.

album design indiana county pa photographerThe above image is a distressed leather with an etched woodland pattern. It went perfect with the rustic wedding theme.

album design indiana county pa photographerThe pages can be rounded edges or typical square edges. I personally love the round.

album design indiana county pa photographerThe pages are 1/16″ board, offering a solid feel and a high-end look.

album design indiana county pa photographerAlbum pages, boasts accurate color, realistic saturation and have a standard Archival Value of 100 years in home display; 200 years in dark storage.

detail photo of the spine of a brown leather wedding albumAlbums also feature lay-flat pages allowing us to design images right over the gutter.

options for album covers and colors

Let’s create your family heirloom together!

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