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how do plan an execute the perfect, well thought out and meaningful proposal. 

a little background info: 
Brad contacted me via Instagram and asked me if I thought I could pull off an idea he had for a proposal. I met up with him secretly (along with his soon to be mother in law) at the home they had just purchased together and were renovating and mapped out the plan. Do you want to know why I loved it so much more than a fancy dinner, a city view, an exotic vacation or insert any other stereo typical proposal story……because it was thoughtful and meaningful. He was proposing in the home they had JUST purchased and were renovating TOGETHER. The house they would make a home together and create so many amazing memories in. As they stood in a gutted out room with no plumbing, electricity or drywall…it’s the beginning of them creating something together both structurally AND emotionally and I was going to get to be a ninja and hide in the hallway! hahaha!

the plan:
Due to the fact that the house had been gutted and that they layout didn’t exactly allow for a lot of hiding spaces, we walked thru his idea and literally marked with chalk on the floor where they were going to stand in order for me to get the shot. He knew exactly where he would lead her and where he would stop before getting on one knee. He talked about how he was going to write messages on the wall and he was going to have a little table with roses and champagne. Someone was going to swing by the house prior and unlock the door so that I could park at the neighbors house, go inside the house and get in position before they pulled in the driveway.  The day of, he was going to tell her they were going out to dinner so that she was dressed up and before heading out to eat they would make a pit stop at the house to see what new renovations had been complete and what materials/products had been delivered. That’s where it was all going to go down! haha!

the execution:
It went off without any problems and thank GOD because I was so nervous that I would move and make a noise. Do you know how hard it is to stay quite in a completely gutted house that echoes?! haha! I got there a little early (because I was so afraid I’d get stuck in traffic, there’s be an accident or any other stupid reason that could make me late), parked in the neighbors driveway and took my position in the hallway. It was hot that day, the windows of the house were shut and inside was huuuuumid as hell but my heart was beating a million miles a second. I had essentially broken into (with permission) someone’s house and I was lurking in the hallway! haha! The entire time, Brad is texting me alerting me to when they were leaving, when they were going to arrive so I had an idea of what was going on. As planned he pulled into the driveway while I watched out the window. They eventually made their way into the house and it wasn’t more than a few seconds before she saw the photos he had hung and the roses and champagne on the table. Clearly she was surprised and she kept saying “OMG Brad….OMG. this is so sweet, OMG” She still had NO CLUE I was there. He takes her around the room while they read the little messages he put on the wall and just as planned, he leads her over to the part of the room we had marked off. BOOM. I set my shutter on quiet mode (or as quite as I could get) and while in the hallway, just like a creeper, I started photographing. She never heard the camera and it wasn’t until Brad says, “let’s ask the photographer” and I stepped out with my camera up to my face that he realized i was there. Thank GOD because can you imagine if she would have saw me before he had gotten the chance to get on his knee. Good lawd, I would have ruined it.

I think she was still in shock -I KNOW she was still in shock. I stayed a little longer to snap a few more photos before leaving them to have some alone time without any creepers in the hall way and so that they could celebrate….and just like that they created probably one of the most memorable memories in their new home.

photos hanging and rose and champagne for a surprise proposalHe printed out and hung photos of the two of them over the course of their relationship.

he proposed on one knee in the home they just purchased and renovated togetherBOOM. Just as planned! She still has NO IDEA there is a creeper in the hallway! haha!

a surprise proposal in a gutted renovated home in indiana paShe said YES!

a surprise proposal in a gutted renovated home in indiana paThis is the moment she realized I was there taking photos. I love the look on her face but I love the look on his face even more because he knows he successfully pulled it off!

a surprise proposal in a gutted renovated home in indiana paI’m not sure she could stop smiling!  couple kissing under hung photos after their surprise proposal in indiana paMWAH!

excitement right after the proposalI’m sorry, I can hardly notice anything else because that rock is like WHOAH!

close up of the engagement ring after the proposalYou did good Brad….you did good! Happy Wedding planning you two.

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