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Fugi X100 | Teen Portraits at the Beach

I’ve only have a good solid 5 more years with her until she goes off to college…how did that even happen!? My 13 year old, born at just over 1 pound and almost 3 months early has grown into a beautiful young woman that I am happy to claim! (this says a lot, because I have lots of family members I do not claim!) HAHA! I’m proud of who she is becoming and watching her navigate the “teen” years has made me admire her even more.

The last few years she’s ran from my camera. Anytime she’s seen it come out, she would make up every excuse on why we couldn’t take photos so when she asked me at the beach to snap a few of her, I jumped at the chance. I only brought my Fugi X100 with me and thought it was a great chance to test it out since I had had it for several months and hadn’t really used it yet. I bought it for the purpose of using it for travel because it’s so much lighter and let’s face it…it’s cute! I plan to take this with us on our mother/daughter trip this summer. Destination unknown as of now.

We put Greg on “Levi duty” and we went off just her and I and walked around our resort in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic looking for “good light”. Did I mention, she’s interested in learning how to take pictures so I was able to give her a few little lessons on how to find good light. We’ve done this every year since she’s started traveling with us. I have huge canvases on my wall of her at each international beach we’ve gone to so I needed one to add to our collection.

fugi camera and cactus

Super light and it fits in my “fanny pack”! HAHAHAHA!

teen portraits at the beach wearing a pink romper in the sandI shall call this: Rompers on the beach! HAHA!

teen sitting on the beach staring off into the waterWe really only had about 20 minutes to take these before we had to be at our dinner reservations…..we made that shit happen!

teen sitting up against palm tree trunks at the beach in dominican republicsunscape resort in puerto plata teen portraits

Palm trees and teenagers! <3

teen portraits near palm trees in puerto plata

She’s my converse gal….just like her mama!

teen portraits backlight by the sun on sunscape resortteen wearing sun glasses smiling at the camera in puerto plata dominican republicteen wearing a romper at near a palm tree in the carribeanThat light though!

girl at the beach holding up the peace sign with her fingers near the water


Edited to add: Many of you were asking about the camera…here is the link to the one I have.


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