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Life of Levi Wesley | our “almost” 2 year old

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Behind the scenes of the life of a toddler

Sometimes, when I’m at home eating Bon Bon’s, taking care of a toddler and running a business….I take pictures of my kid! haha! I love that he is so unaware because that means that I can get the authentic photos. I realized it’s been a while since I blogged some updated images of Mr. Levi and even though he has basically taken over my personal Instagram, I thought I would share some here.

He turns 2 in July and I just want to remember the “everyday” life. The quirky things about the way my house looks, how he only wears one sock at a time, the way the toys are scattered…all the things that goes with having a kid at this age. This doesn’t go without saying that Yes, I have daily battles in my head how I need to dust, vacuum and clean up all the clutter, but deep down, I wouldn’t change it. It’s part of the “process” so to speak, to raising a child and as much as I complain that things are a “hot mess”, I know that someday, I’m going to miss this. I know all you Mommas can relate. But what it boils down to is someday when the pictures on the walls change, when the decor is different and our kids are grown, these will be all I have left from “that time”. <3

All of these were shot with my handy dandy Fugi new love.

toddler watching tvThat look he always has when he is concentrating on Paw Patrol.

toddler watching tvFun Fact: he almost always only has one sock on! We start the day with two but some how it always disappears. My drier doesn’t eat them…my house does.

toddler watching tvWhen he’s in his Paw Patrol trance, it’s really hard to get his attention.

toddler climbing on couchDid I mention that he rarely has pants?! haha! One sock and no pants. Winning.

toddler watching tvThat’s Gracie in the background. If you follow me on my personal Instagram, you know ALLLLL about their complicated relationship.

toddler playing with his feet

todder peeking thru banister

I’m dreading the day he’s tall enough to slide down the banister. That day is coming…..very.very.soon.

toddler playing inside of frig

So far he has mastered getting the fridge open and he loves to play with the lamp shades. It’s a constant battle. Clearly we have a condiment problem.

toddler being shy in his high chairHe also let’s you know when he doesn’t want to eat what you have prepared for him.

toddler and sibling on couchI love when I’m able to catch sweet moments with him and Ms. Mallory….you know, when she’s not “snap chatting”. HAHAHA

toddler and sibling laying on the couchBe still my heart! <3

toddler and teenage siblingteenager wrapped in blankettoddler and teenage sibling wrapped in a blanketThat’s his giggle face!

See…..still no pants. Just like his father! hahahah

toddler with mr potato head glassesmom and sonHe’s thrilled…selfies with Mom!

sleeping toddler with pink blanketFunny story about that’s actually Mallory’s. He has taken it over and will seek it out for naptime! haha!

toddler watching tvMore Paw Patrol…this time with pants!

toddler playing with blocks

These blocks will be the death of me. He is not quite ready for the small legos, we do have the big blocks but I refuse to give him the tiny legos just yet….but when that time comes I will have to retire these blocks because I’m nots sure my feet could take the blocks AND the legos! haha!

He sits and plays with these things forever. It’s his favorite thing to run and grab when Great Grandma comes over.

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