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what you see -vs- what REALLY happens | studio sessions

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You always get to see the final product on our websites…..the polished version. The version that makes it appear to be “perfect”. It appears that everyone else’s family has perfect children that sit where they are told and do exactly what is asked of them…….and that can not be more than further from the truth!

As you can see with my own kids….sometimes it takes a little while to get “a good shot” and by good shot, I mean something that’s remotely usable! haha!

The thing is, I love REAL LIFE shots, the kind that show people’s personality and sometimes that means not being perfect. If you’re holding back on having a shoot because you don’t think your family isn’t “perfect” enough…..let me have a come to jesus talk with you! 90% of my shoots are pure chaos. I think that’s why I love them so much! haha!


studio photography with white background

What REALLY happens! Kid throws fit because he doesn’t want Mom to hold him.

behind the scenes of a studio session

studio photography with white background

What you see! Not that my hands on are his arms. Moments before this shot was taken, I lifted him into the air and plopped him back down on the stool while making silly noises. After the 2nd or 3rd time, he thought it was a game and began to laugh.

studio photography with white backgroundObviously, teenagers are a little easier to photograph in terms of being able to follow directions but moments before this was taken she was giving me a “fake smile” so I told her I was going to breath my onion breath into her face and she began to smile/laugh. Listen, this isn’t always glamorous and sometimes you have to do whatever it takes. haha!

studio photography with white backgroundThings can turn quickly…like this shot. He appears to be happy go lucky…until the very next shot where the demons got him.

studio photography with white background

See….the demons! haha! Even Mallory is all googley eyes! haha! Until we started rocking back and forth and saying silly sound effects we were finally able to get an actual decent shot!

studio photography with white background

Some times even the adults go a little bonkers. I think we took all of these shots in a matter of 15 minutes and I was exhausted! haha!


So listen, in an effort to keep it real…sometimes we do what we have to do and it’s a good thing that I’m not afraid to embarrass myself to get a genuine reaction. Tee he he! Remember….you must do WHATEVER it takes even if it means talking about fish guts and diarrhea. HAHAHA!

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