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Happy Camper Holiday Sessions

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Happy Camper Holiday Short Sessions | 1960 Scottie Sportsman


We found it in very poor condition sitting in a field at an abandoned house. The roof had been leaking, the floors needed redone, some of the cushions were missing, the windows needed replaced and it had been home to many creatures over the 30 or so years it was sitting there unused….but the bones were there AND I happen to have a husband who restores vintage vehicles and who isn’t afraid of some elbow grease. My goal wasn’t to get it back to it’s original condition but rather an updated usable condition that we could use for our own family but also………holiday photos!!!

The color will be changed to red and we’ll be pulling it with Greg’s Red 1965 Red Chevy! If you want to keep up with the renovation, follow me on my personal IG: @jenmcken

We brought it home and started working on it and it’s so close to being done. I see lots of little adventures in our future that we hope to share with you on Instagram…but in the meantime, I want to share it will other families, couples and individuals who want to experience a little “happy camper” holiday photos.

You can say we’re stepping it up a notch! Several years ago we had the Rusty Rat Rod and the Red 1965 Chevy, then we had the 1800’s cutter sleigh….this year we’re adding the 1960 Scottie Camper and they are going to be sooooo…dang…..cute!!

Here’s my Inspiration!

Oh and by the way, all of the above are still available if you missed them the past couple of years.

Feel free to share with anyone you feel may love these sessions!

But first…..some details:

  1. These are ideal for couples, families, individuals and children. I recommend that children are able to sit on their own. These are NOT idea for newborns or children below the age of 6 months. If you are interested in extended family sessions to include Grandparents, cousins, etc, please contact me so that we can schedule you properly.
  2.  Weather: since it’s hard to determine what the weather will be like this far in advance, we will still hold the sessions unless it’s actively raining hard…otherwise, warm or cold, we’ll still be shooting. Please dress appropriately for outdoor sessions. Children (let’s face it-some adults haha)  who are cold often don’t cooperate as well.
  3. Please plan to arrive 10 minutes early. Session are roughly 25-30 minutes in length and have been scheduled with very little wiggle time. If you arrive late, that will cut into your photo time.
  4. Sessions are scheduled on a first come first serve basis as I can not hold a date based on a verbal commitment. The spot will not be considered booked until the booking link is signed and payment is received.
  5. Individuals on my mailing list will have first dibs on the dates. I’ll be releasing them to the VIP List before opening up the scheduling publicly. Do you want on the mailing list to be one of the first ones to know? You can sign up here.


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