family photos with older children

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I always wanted to come from a big family! Growing up, my BFF thru high school was one of 8 siblings and I have SO MANY fond memories during that time in my life. At the time, it was just me and my younger sister at home…but at my friends house, there was always someone to talk to, hangout with, poke fun at and I’d imagine what it was like having a plethora of siblings ALL the time. I always envied her for that.

Time played a trick on me because I might not have had that many siblings growing up…..but my parents divorce and new marriages resulted in me being 1 of 8 siblings.  A few from my Mom and a few from my Dad gave me a big blended family. Weird how life works isn’t it! haha!

This is the 3rd time they have had to put up with me in a calendar  year! The first time for Kyle’s senior photos, the second for Josie’s senior photos and now I can say they are a glutton for punishment because they came back for family photos and boy oh boy did I make them do some ridiculous things all in the name for fun photos! Every single one of them were great sports-including Dad who at the end said, “that wasn’t so bad!”. haha!



Keep stayin fun McConnell crew!! <3