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Bells Banquet Wedding Reception

By February 22, 2019 No Comments

There are 4 main parts of any wedding day. They can be summed up into getting ready, ceremony, portraits and reception.  The reception part of the day is always the most laid back-perhaps that’s why I love it so much!

The pressure of coming down the aisle is long gone, the portraits are typically over with and everyone gets to have a few drinks, cut loose and celebrate. It’s basically a big party. I get to go to a big party almost every.single.weekend.of.the.year! I get to eat sweets every single weekend and I get to cut up a few dance moves in between clicking the shutter. It’s not a bad gig.


I do-nut late the sweets tower! <-see what I did there! haha

I loved all the Disney references! <3

…..and the  crowd goes wild!!

I love that guests got to sit up on the balconies of Bells Banquets. It really made it feel like a Disney movie and they were dancing at the ball.

…and then it was time to Par-Tay!!

so much energy on the dance floor. It was hopping all night!

…I think they had fun! haha

I love the slowed shutter on this image!

The Money Dance-a Southwestern PA favorite

You two are adorable. I hope the day was everything you imagined!! <3