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Mammoth Park, Westmoreland pa | Winter Wedding

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There was snow on the ground, the sun was shining, the toasts were flowing…..and the laughter filled the limo bus as we make our way to Mammoth Park in Westmoreland, PA for some winter wedding photos with the wedding party.

…but first a quick trop to Bells Banquets for a few portraits inside before quests arrived. SOO worth it. We don’t get to do this with every wedding due to timing but I’m so happy they were able to. SO much time went into planning the details of the reception, being able to get a few shots as Bride and Groom without people in the show allows you to document all the hard work and creativity that went into pulling everything together! <3



We met in 7th grade when my dad coached our brothers on the same baseball team. We then reconnected in 9th grade when we had speech class together.


Our favorite thing to do together was to go fishing. I taught Logan how to fish……. ūüėČ We also loved renting movies. There was a time that we watched practically all the movies at Family Video.

Logans favorite hobby is snowboarding which we do often together. My favorite hobby is shopping!

Logan and I¬†went to New¬†York City for the first time in November. Logan took me to a nice dinner and then back to our hotel room. I¬†walked into a room with many, many candles, rose petals, and long stemmed roses all through out the room. Logan got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. My first response was making sure he could take care of me when we’re older if I¬†decided not to work… ( I was an ER nurse at the time and was already feeling it!) then of course I said yes.

Kelsey Р1. my favorite animals are a shark and pigs! 2. I had a cat growing up I adored that was named Mojo after Mojojojo in the Powder Puff Girls. 3. My nickname growing up was beaner but my parents still call me that more often than Kelsey.

Logan- 1. Logan called himself logi-wan-kenobi when he was a child because he loves Star Wars. 2. Logan enjoys shooting guns. 3. Logan is graduating top 5% of his class in May from Penn State University Park.

Kelsey – 1.My apple watch. 2. My mom. 3. shopping

Logan- 1. Kelsey. 2. my car. 3. Star Wars

“When we were 15 years old I was big into running and had competed in my first real race. I¬†liked to think that I¬†had washboard abs and called Logan in front of a mirror to feel my abs when I¬†flexed them. When I flexed them I accidentally farted and I have still not lived the day down… “- Kelsey

…..and then an unexpected snow ball fight broke out!

…I call this his Matrix move! haha

I first noticed how smart Logan was. He cared about good grades when everyone else cared about being cool!- Kelsey

I first noticed how nice Kelsey was and I thought she was way out of my league.- Logan