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totally 80’s girls night

By July 3, 2019 No Comments

YO! I know you’re dying to know where I got my outfit……I blasted back to the 80’s and snagged it right out of my middle school closet-PYSCH!  My outfit is 100% from the Goodwill, even the shoes! I like totally felt like I heard the angels sing when I saw them-fo sho!. Brand new, neon pink high tops -SO RAD!?! And for $3.99 DUDE, I couldn’t have found a better deal even if I was a mall rat!

Girls Nights…it’s something we started while ago after one of our girlfriends had a breakup.  In an effort to cheer her up, all of us would get together -usually during a weekday evening- and we’d do something fun. It stuck, and now it’s just part of our schedule and sometimes not everyone can be there but we try our best to schedule it so that all of us can be there. (Miss you Kayla!) We’re a little A LOT extra, and sometimes a little off the wall but it’s always refreshing to be around girls who support each other!  Sometimes we laugh, sometimes we cry…but we ALWAYS have a legit good time. We basically have no shame and we’re goobers to the max!

The list of the things we  “should do some day” keeps getting longer. We have some pretty fun things coming up in the upcoming months just for funzies. It’s going to be like totally bitchin’!

Our 80’s night turned into a quick 15 minute photo shoot! And before you ask, YES, the boom box absolutely works! WORD!

Duuuuuude, we had so much fun!



Someone said to us, “were any of you guys even born in the 80’s?” ……um, take a chill pill dude, like all of us were!


A little Jennifer Beals inspired Flash Dance! The red hills are totes wicked!

“Eat my shorts!”  She’s totally spazzing over her leopard print biker shorts!

Look at her gnarly 80s cooler! What a babe!



We’ve reached the end. Time to leave, and by leave we mean “bounce.” Word to your motha!