summer high school senior session

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Isn’t she so so gorgeous!! I just finished photographing her entire family earlier in the month which means I didn’t scare her away and she came back for her senior photos! haha! But seriously, she was so incredibly laid back and so easy to photograph…kinda like her sister who I worked with a few years ago!

Meet Megan….she’s not only beautiful but she’s smart! She’s a dancer (as you’ll see below), she’s involved in Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), and National Honors Society (NHS).  When she “grows up” she wants to be a financial manager. She’s selfless, open-minded, and quick witted….and dang does she have gorgeous hair!!

Ligonier Valley High School Senior

I’m obsessed with her hair color! Basically, I have hair envy!

I mean… hair with a green background doesn’t get much better! PLUS, we had some sun-you know that golden thing in the sky that has been missing for the entire month of June!

Yes, these were taken in the summer…..yes those are what looks like fall leaves. I think what is happening (I don’t know, I’m not a 100% sure) is that we have gotten so much rain that some of the trees are loosing their leaves and their fruit.


I like the little pop of extra color! Cuz you know….I LOOOOVE me some color!!! <3

…more hair envy!

Oh hay gurl!!

Did I mention she’s an amazing dancer…NO? SHE’S AN AMAZING DANCER!


…she is so dang cute!


Home girl has some moves man! She jumps like 10 feet off the ground. She makes it look so easy! Trust me it’s not, I tried it after she left! HAHAHAHAHAH!