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summer carnival | day in the life of Levi

By June 24, 2019 No Comments

We called ahead and rented out the whole park to ourselves…..just kidding! I think we just ended up there on a day that wasn’t crowded. It had rained earlier and perhaps scared away a lot of people which was fantastic for us! Levi was in all of his glory running from one ride to the next with no lines or waits. Now that I think of it, maybe it wasn’t such a good thing because the next time we take him some where with rides he’s going to think that’s how it should be! haha!

I love me a good summer carnival. I think it’s the smell of all the food, the sounds of the games and laughter and the colors….ohhh all the colors! They came and set up at the Westmoreland Mall parking lot which I LOVED because it meant that if it rained (like i has for the past 342342343 days here in Pennsylvania) the ground wouldn’t be a muddy mess like it is at the Indiana County Fair. The other thing I loved was that the rides were all very well taken care of, clean and like I mentioned-colorful. It was clear that they serviced and repaired then when needed. BUT….the single thing I loved the most was that there was no one smoking cigarettes around the kiddy rides like there are at some of the local fairs. If there is one thing that irks me more than anything…it’s that-smoking near children’s rides.

We lined up to purchase our unlimited riding bracelets and off we went……


I told you-we had the whole place to ourselves!

The rotating tea cups…he had to have the red one. I’m noticing that he’s gravitating to the red, I’m thinking it’s his favorite color!



His favorite saying lately is: “High Fives, You did it!”.  That’s what he was saying in this photo. We were so proud that he rode it all by himself. I was a little unsure!

I love that Greg thinks to take photos without me telling him to…even the unflattering ones. I love that I exist in photos thanks him.

He wasn’t so sure about this one. He started off a foot or two away from me but ended up as close as he could get once we started spinning! haha!


Let’s talk about this hair cut-or lack there of- for a minute. Thanks to Daddy, he has no hair. I left the house for 2 hours to do a session and came home to a bald child. He tells me that he was using the clippers and that they slipped. I’m kind of getting used to it and I know that it will grow back…BUT..I have currently hid the buzzers from him and he’ll have to ask me where they are the next time! MWAHA HA HA HA

I love that it looks like the chic is looking at him! haha!


He wasn’t able to ride the slide alone so we sweet talked Daddy into going down with him!

Every single time he rode, we wanted to be in the front. In this photo he was telling them to “hold on” as if he was controlling the damn thing! hahah!

…that was trippy!


He literally  just made the cut off for his hight. Houston, we have a 36 incher.

He’s also currently obsessed with helicopters so he was just tickled pink to ride this. Greg took this shot from the ground but you can see me sardine smooshed into it beside him.


If the inside was any smaller my knees would have been in my face-no joke.

Dad’s turn for a few rides. He made that ship turn so fast. They were the only ones on the ride and it was spinning non stop that I thought it would spin off. The worker was pretty impressed!


Look at that face!


….see, I told you he had to be in the front every.single.time.

Drink Break!

Funny story: before you could slide down the slide, you had to walk thru the whacky house and find your way thru the face. The first time we attempted to go thru, he whacked his head so hard off of one of the mirrors. He did’n’t realize it was a maze to confuse you and thought it was a way out. He was so embarrassed and cried. It was a good hour before he wanted to try again. hahaha!


Look at him over there trying so hard to wait his turn! haha!


You can’t leave without riding the merry-go-round no matter what your age!

…..and when it was time to go! hahaha! He wanted to stay but it was starting to rain. We got out of there just in time. We had to tell him that the workers were going “night night” before he settled down! hahaha! Oh the joys of parenting!