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Toy Story Inspired Mini Sessions | Andy’s Room

By July 16, 2019 No Comments

I found a job where I get to be a “big little kid”! I get to go to work and tinker with toys, play dress up and giggle. Basically, I’m “living my best life”!  But so are they! It’s been so fun watching their eyes light up when they walk thru the door and immediately head over to play in Andy’s Room set up! I won’t lie…it reminds me to not rush the kid stage with my own little guy! There are days that I say “oh man, I can’t wait until he can sit up on his own, walk, tell me what he wants, he can feed himself, use the potty……or insert any other thing that we as moms tend to say! Watching their excitement reminds me to slow down and not to wish the time away!!

With these session, I’m like that Toys’R Us commercial: “I don’t want to grow up, I’m a Toys’R Us Kid!”  (if you have no idea what I’m talking about then DANG I feel old!) haha!

This is Hudson, I dare you not to smile looking thru his images!! <3



Andy’s Mom will be cleaning up his room very soon to set up for a whole other set….so if you want in on the mini sessions before then, get in touch. Additional info is located here. After the set is cleaned up, there will be a set up fee of $100 to use Andy’s room.

Come over and play!