Seattle Engagement Session | Rose Garden at Woodland Park Zoo

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These two love birds will tie the knot this coming April in the Seattle area and I get to fly back to the west coast to shoot it!!! While I was there for the other wedding, we met up to shoot their engagement session! I made them smooch all over the city and all throughout the rose garden! haha! The best part was renting the red bikes and riding along the sound (even if we did get yelled at by a security guard)! haha! Soph, you’re going to be a GORGEOUS bride!!!

It was beautiful! It was everything I could’ve dreamed of! Derricks sister and future brother in law were in town staying with us and they really wanted to go to Seattle for the day. We got all dressed up and walked around! Derrick took us to gas works park which was a really special spot when we were dating because we’d go every month. When we got to the top he started asking me about how long we’d been dating and how special it was and then I realized what was happening and it all went fuzzy. It was a beautiful day so hundreds of people were there so they’d started to clap then I noticed all my family and his standing behind us. I started to cry because it was So special.

we met through mutual friends who were dating at the time. They both dragged us out and we both didn’t want to go. Derrick was leaving for college in Canada in two days so his friend cooper told me not to go for him. But can’t hold back true love! Our first date was technical a double date where we went to the Hooters in Tacoma right off the highway.


Our favorite things to do include going bowling, taking our doggy to the park, putt putt golf and really anything that involves us being competitive with each other because we always have lots of fun teasing and of course beating the other!

I know I first noticed Derricks eyes. I even told my friend wow when I first saw them. They are literally golden. Derrick says he first noticed how nice and social I was even though we were total strangers.

Derrick did. In the most goofy way. We’d literally only been dating three days but had known/been talking for a few years. He was drunk and started off the conversation with “I know this sounds bad cus I’ve been drinking” but then he looked at me and said it. I started to giggle but realized he was totally serious. We were sitting in my college house room on the bed and it was a perfect combination of cute and silly. I didn’t say it till the next day after having s full conversation with my maid of honor about how crazy it was!


Sophi knows all this useless knowledge about animals that is so random at times but so fun! I give Sophi one silly blonde moment every day and without a doubt she uses them every day. Sophi can hear any song from a Disney movie no matter what year it came out or even if it was just background noise and know exactly what movie it came from.

Derricks favorite Disney character is Winnie the Pooh because on the inside he’s a big softy. Whenever derricks starts to laugh super hard he cries. Literally every time! Derrick can throw rocks so far on the beach that he one time hit a ferry! The police came looking for him but we played it off like we didn’t know what they were talking about.

We are Both absolutely obsessed with Disneyland and anything that has to do with Disney.


We balance each other out. We are absolute opposites but we work because all the things we aren’t very good at the other one is and vise versa. We have grown to know how to use that to our strengths. For example Sophi is spontaneous so I have learned to just roll with it and enjoy the moment. Where Derrick is very smart and thoughtful in his actions so I have learned that communication is important so things get done and work out.

Our favorite story is when my (Sophi) dad and brother went on this long road trip to California. My brother calls me on Monday and asked if we’d care if they went to Disneyland because he’d asked my mom and she said I’d care and of course I did! He said my dad would pay for my ticket and derricks if we drove down…. so that next day when Derrick got off work we got out of work and drove 19 hours to California through the night no stops! We got to California at about 3pm on Tuesday. Went to Disneyland all day Wednesday and drove back to Washington 23 hours on Thursday! We did stop to sleep in parking lots here and there. Totally crazy but worth it! Cus it was our first time in Disney together!

Sophi couldn’t live without her family, coffee and Derrick of course

Derrick could not live without his xbox, treats like ice cream and his family including Sophi

Sophi is forgiving, kind, patient.

Derrick is levelheaded, genuine and purposeful.


See you guys in April!!!! <3