Wrestle Mania Inspired Engagement Session

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Where are my wrestling fans at?? You are going to LOVE this Wrestle Mania inspired engagement session! I haven’t been able to share these for almost 6 months and it’s been killing me!! I drove a little over 3 hours into the middle of farm country in order to use this ring! It was a long time in the making because she had messaged me MONTHS in advance asking me what I thought about her idea do to a wrestling inspired engagement session! Uhhh-YEAH! Knowing their personalities and how they don’t take life too seriously AND that Amelia always likes to put her spin on things-I knew this was going to be a blast!

Justin and Amelia used these images to hype up their guests for their upcoming wedding. They released an image almost every day the month leading up to the big day. They even incorporated bits of wrestling mania into their wedding reception. Check out their wedding reception here-A.K.A “Werley Mania”!

I’m not sure I have laughed this hard in a long time! The fact that they got so much into character was hilarious!

It was a good night for the good gals at Werley Mania. In front of a capacity crowd of 82,265 at Stevens Road Arena, She triumphed in a Winner Take All Match to capture both the Raw and SmackDown Titles, Amelia  won the WWE Championship by defeating Justin to claim the Universal Title!

Sit back and enjoy the main event!


What he didn’t know was the was about to get a beat down!



She texts me the other day and says “Justin and I area already brainstorming the next shoot”! hahaha! God, I love’em!