Wood Photo Boxes w/ USB

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I wrote an article a few weeks ago about “filling your box”.  Although, I was referring to a shoebox, this is a way cooler option! If you didn’t get a chance to read it, I really encourage you to do so!

“…When you book a shoot with me, I want you to know that it’s way more than the outfits you pick out, way more than the makeup you’re wearing and MUCH MORE than any trendy prop. Let’s pick a place that MEANS something, with people that MEAN something….let’s fill up your box!

I’m all sentimental like that!…”

Lindsey and Ryen chose a very important location and I can’t wait to photograph their “chapter 2”! So many exciting things happening for these two and I am so honored to get to document it!


Customized Wooden Photo Box with (or without) USB


We will  work together to pick out the image to be printed on the lid. These boxes come with the option to have 4×6 mounted prints included to create a meaningful heirloom. The USB is also customizable and has magnetic closures.

Your image is printed directly onto the wood surface, and the natural grain of the wood may be visible on the final product. This will result in a beautiful natural wood printed product, but may have natural imperfections and will not be comparable to an image printed on paper-but I think that’s what makes them so beautiful!