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Kelli + David | Chestnut Ridge Winter Wedding

By December 18, 2019 No Comments

YOU GUYS……..this is going to be a LONG blog with TONS of photos! And I didn’t even include a fraction of what I wanted to but I was all like “Jen, you need to post something so get your ass in gear and choose some!” SOOO, I poured myself a big cup of coffee with  4 rum chatas and did the damn thing! haha! So I present to you an overload of random images from Kelli + Davi’s winter wedding ! <3

You may remember them from the blog post where I talked about how I got lost on the way to their house for their engagement session. She was gorgeous then, but DAY-UM, she’s even more stunning in a white gown!

They had such a fun group in their wedding party and when you’re working with limited time AND daylight, it makes ALL the difference! I had less than 30 minutes to get everything we needed before the daylight disappeared! And I think we rocked it! The weather also showed up and put on a little flurry show for us which was PERFECT!

Enjoy your peek into the Houser wedding day!


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Surprising Kelli is next to impossible.  She should’ve said that her dream job would be and FBI agent because NOTHING gets past her.  So while she was at work I decorated her house all up with hundreds of photos of us from our years dating, the cliché rose pedals leading to me, with a paper sheet covering the entire walkway so she could not see me with a note asking her to spend the rest of her life with me.  I made her work for it one last time and bust through the paper to come say “YES”.  Which she just freaked out and never really said yes or no haha but pretty sure it was a yes. She shortly followed this all with telling me she wondered why I had not finished mowing the grass lol. – David

When we first met, I most noticed her beautiful smile and personality that I instantly fell in love with. -David

For me, it was definitely his confidence and how he knew how to light up a room…those baby blues aren’t to bad either lol – Kelli

I said “I love you first”.  We were just spending time together talking when I couldn’t help myself and it came out.  It was the best decision of my life telling her that. – David


Kelli: Beautiful, hilarious, stubborn 🙂

David: passionate, loving and sexy

Kelli- I’m a cougar in the relationship, we have 2 dogs named Junior (bichon) and Winston (goldrensheppard), I have OCD and hate when my fiancé is always late

David- I do a lot of the cooking, I love traveling the world with Kelli, I called the wedding photographer to schedule our appointment hahah. Also I am always late

Kelli is the first to get worked up and MEGA STRESS out and I am the one who is always here to calm her down and be cool, calm, and collected. Plus we act like best friend and just enjoy each others company.- David

David: Kelli, family, archery

Kelli: French fries, David, the Christmas season

(Notice Kelli has French fries before my name -David)


I (David) do some amateur photography for my social media pages to promote my sponsors and work with a lot of companies who produce a lot of images and videos of products and the individuals they sponsor.  Through this interaction I have learned what a good photo/edit looks like, and when we saw your social media photos, the photos you took for my mom, as well as from previous clients of yours photos  we knew that you were the only photographer that we would want for our big day!!


Kelli + Dave, you are my people! Thank you for trusting me to document your day. I can’t wait to get to document the next important days of your lives! *no pressure* hahaha!