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8 weeks old | studio session with baby david

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Funny story: we had shot together many times prior so during their honeymoon when they hired a resort photographer, she was telling that photographer how “jen mcken” would do it and was posing herself. I died of laugher when she told me! Gosh, I love her!  HAHAHA!

I met her thru a wedding vendor who told her we’d be a perfect match! She was planning her fall wedding and when I answered her call, there was this bubbly excited-breath of fresh air-positive, enthusiastic girl on the other line! I knew immediately we’d become great friends!

We chatted a bit about her dream engagement session which would require us to travel many hours to get there and many hours to get back ….and I do believe there was a squeal on the other line when I agreed that I would go! So off we went many weeks later and that was the car ride that I think spring boarded our friendship. You learn a lot about someone during a car ride-especially when you’re trapped inside there’s lots of time to talk and get to know someone!  The conversation was so easy and we laughed -hard! I loved everything about that little adventure including the 21 waterfalls, the gorgeous scenery and the images we were able to create!

Since then, I’ve photographed her wedding at Oak Lodge, maternity/glam photos, we’ve gone on other travel adventures together out west to the Pacific Northwest and now little baby David!! I’m so happy our lives crossed and I’m so thankful for Genna and Adam’s friendship!  I have a feeling we’re going to be making lots more memories with our kiddos now that she’s a Mama!! We’ll be able to trade funny toddler stories over a warm cup of coffee……ok, who are we kidding-probably a cold cup of coffee! I mean do Mom’s ever get to drink their coffee hot?! haha!

8 Week Old Newborn Photos


I have a slight obsession with hands! I think they say SO much about someone!



Someday, the baby snuggles will turn into toddlers who don’t want to be held. I love that they have snuggling photos!




Does anyone else love dimply baby bums? No, just me?! haha!

He has no idea all the adventures they will be going on!!


Baby Yawns and Mamma smiles!

As a fellow Mom, this is the best feeling in the world!


Hi Dad!!

David…the next Gerber Baby! haha!


love the looks of admiration from him <3