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Pivot! | How I’m spending my quarantine time + how you can help!

By March 18, 2020 No Comments


Pivot! Every time I say that, I can’t help but think of the skit from Friends where they are trying to get the sofa up the steps! Pivot, Pivot! haha!

These past few weeks -that has been the underlying theme for me and my business. It’s times like this that I’m thankful I’ve created a well oiled machine that it makes the whole “pivot” a little less painful. COVID has really put its hammer down on the entire world and changed the flow in which we were operating.

These cuties had to reschedule their April 4th wedding. I was scheduled to fly out to Seattle to photograph their day-everything was planned and all the details were worked out and then came COVID. Don’t worry-they were able to reschedule for another date that I was available but I’m sure it’s heart breaking considering how much time, effort and heart went into the entire process. I truly believe it’s going to be even BETTER than it would have been and this will be a fantastic story to tell their Grandchildren some day…I mean, at the very least, they’ll have lots of hysterical memes to show them! haha!

This is the first time in my career (I’ve been shooting for close to 16 years now) that something like THIS happened. I’ve had cancellations, reschedules and postponements for other reasons but this will absolutely go down in the “confessions of a wedding photographer” book I’m going to write some day. I’ve shot weddings 2 weeks after having a c-section, I’ve shot weddings with a rolled ankle, eye ulcers, bruised ribs and with pneumonia! I’ve shot weddings during the Zika Virus scare in Puerto Rico-WHILE PREGNANT! I’ve shot weddings in unsafe temperatures, I’ve shot weddings after stopping to help call 911 and administer first aid to an accident that happened while in route to the ceremony. Guys…and so much more! I’ve seen it all, I’ve been thru it all and one thing no one can ever say is that I’m not dedicated! hahah!

Also, in that book, I’m going to talk about how I was skeptical that I would be keep my flight from the East Coast to the West Coast because everything was slowly closing so Greg and myself were planning an across the country road trip to get there. I was determined. We had already rented a car (actually more like a mini van).  The kids were going to be out of school anyways, so we were going to try to hit up a few national parks along the way all while staying far from other people. We’d be getting some fresh air, exploring the outdoors,  feeling the sunshine and spending some quality/educational time together. I was going to make it work. BUT, just this morning, I cancelled the rental car that we were going to use and I have to admit, I’m super bummed.

I’m just bummed for the entire situation. I’m bummed for the Bride, I’m bummed that no matter what, there isn’t anything *I* can do to make it still go on! I’m trying to look on the bright side and use this time of quarantine (never ever thought I’d say that sentence) to work *ON* my business! The time I would have spent editing wedding photos, I’ll spend blogging. The time I would have spent packing up my gear and driving across the country, I’ll spend learning new shooting techniques! In the time I would have met face to face with clients, I’ll be meeting virtually in my PJ’s (don’t judge!) haha!  My point is, I might not be out shooting like I typically am….but business will go on as usual!


What I will be doing during this down time:

  1. Un-archiving sessions from 2014-2018 and offering past clients the opportunity to take a peek at their sessions again incase there were a few images they really wanted then but didn’t get. Digital files will be significantly discounted for those clients. Reach out if that includes you, I can get your session back on line for you!
  2. Having virtual meetings with future clients, fellow photographers and my accountability crew.
  3. BLOGGING! Just like this one, there are so many things I’ve been wanting to post but never quite had the time to do so. I’m going to try my best to get back into my  personal blogs that I loved writing!
  4. Selling gift certificates for future sessions. Especially with Mother’s Day coming up, you can give your Momma the gift certificate and then schedule your session in the upcoming months. (full disclosure: I have to cap the amount I can offer)
  5. Pre-scheduling “Cap/Gown + College T’s” sessions  for all the seniors and their friends! I know their senior year-or high school in general-are getting jipped when it comes to having a normal school year and all the experiences that come with that. I thought that after everything clears up, I’d love for the high school students to gather up their friend groups and do a fun session. These will be mini sessions and I’m so excited about them because we’re going to have fun with them and get creative!
  6. Working on my website! I’ll be updating galleries and organizing a few things I’ve been wanting to for a while! Go take a peek and snoop around!
  7. Hanging out on social media! Come over to my Instagram + Facebook and say hello!!
  8. Designing Client Albums! I’ve had several clients reach out for me to design their wedding album that they THOUGHT they would do them selves. It’s been 3 years and it hasn’t gotten done (sound familiar?) So I’m making it happen for them!
  9. Spending time with family!  I’ll be making family memories, building forts, playing board games, baking from scratch and making crazy Tik Tok videos! haha! Stay tuned for this! haha!
  10. Reading business books….yes, I’m a nerd and love all things business!


Here’s what YOU could do to help small businesses-including mine!

Leave some love on “the google”.  Future clients will feel more confident to choose my business when they see that others have had positive experiences. BUT WAIT- only leave me a review if we have legitimately worked together because I genuinely want them to be authentic. DON’T leave a review just to “help my business” if we have never worked together in any capacity. While it soooooo incredibly kind of you to support my business, I really really really do want them to be genuine!

If you loved your experience with any business but never had the time to leave some love-go do it now! Referrals are the biggest compliment any small business could get and having genuine, authentic reviews on the google helps tremendously!

MWAH!!! Much love and wash.yo.damn.hands! <3