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Tips When Planning Your Maternity Session

By June 28, 2020 No Comments


Your expanding your family……and your belly! So when is the best time to get those beautiful maternity photos and what do you wear?! Those are the two questions I get asked the most often so I wanted to take some time to answer those for you!

When is the best time to schedule your maternity photos? 

Personally, I love to schedule these sessions around the 30 week mark. It’s usually around the 35 week mark that your belly starts to feel (even more) heavy and it may be uncomfortable to go thru an entire session.  Timing is important because if you book them too soon, your baby bump will not be as visible but on the other hand if you wait too long you might have swelling, aches and pains and generally just uncomfortable-ESPECIALLY if your due date is close to the dead of summer! Babies also have minds of their own and some of them come a leeeeetle earlier than anticipated. Take me for example, I gave birth on week 28 so I don’t have a whole lot of baby bell shots!  

Of course it’s important to mention that every woman is different so these are general guidelines we typically follow. Stay tuned to your body and how it’s changing and mention what week of your pregnancy you are in and that will help us both figure out the perfect time to get you on the calendar!

What to wear?

We want to see that belly so I always suggest wearing tight, stretch clothes that accentuate your curves. I even suggest NOT wearing maternity clothes and instead wear something more fitted in order to flatter your shape even more. You can’t go wrong with solid colors and neutrals because they are timeless. I’m always cautious to suggest florals, plaids and checks mostly because the stylized outfits can tend to look dated in several years.

Here are a few other tips when planning your maternity session:

  1. Do you have a location that means a lot to you? Let’s go there!! Some day you’ll be able to point to the image we create and tell your future child a story about that specific location and why it’s meaningful!
  2. Do you want professional hair and makeup for your shoot? If so, reach out, I know LOTS of fantastic makeup artists and we can even have them come directly to you or the studio!
  3. If you’re planning to do any artistic nudes or bare belly shots-be sure to take off any undergarments that will eave marks on your skin roughly one hour before your session. Things like bras, tight elastic underwear, leggings, etc.
  4. Be sure NOT to wear heavy body lotions as they can make your skin look greasy in photos.
  5. Are your fingernails neat/clean and are your rings cleaned? They will most likely be in your shots.
  6. If your partner or the rest of your immediate family/children is joining you, make sure your outfits coordinate.  Show your partner some examples of what you want and make sure everyone is on the same page in terms of wardrobe. I’ll have you text me a photo of what you’re thinking of wearing so that I can help guide you as to whether if will photograph properly.
  7. If siblings are going to be in the photos, I recommend starting out with those images while they are fresh and more willing to participate.
  8. If you are self conscious about a part of your body, let me know so that I can  pay special attention to that area with posing and editing. I’m a posing magician…I got you boo!