“going home” -rural pennsylvania | family farm portraits

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Imagine this……

……growing up on a 1,000+ acre farm. You played in the creek, ran thru the fields, road horses thru the trails…..all in your backyard. It’s the place that molded you, it’s where you learned what you wanted to be when “you grew up”, it’s where all of your childhood memories came from….it’s where to go to get grounded when your adult life can get a little chaotic!

Imagine being able to take your baby back to meet his GREAT-Nan and Pops for the very first time and being able to have photographs taken in the very same spots that you played in as a child. THAT’S exactly what Genna did! I made the 3.5 hour drive to rural Ulster, Pennylsvania to document life on Genna’s old stomping ground. The background of all these images are places/things on the property that hold sentimental value to her and her family. It’s part of “their story” that they will point to and talk about one day when baby David is old enough to understand. The farm has been in their family for generations and I was so honored to be able to document these for them!

I’m a huge advocate for picking a location that MEANS something. I’ve said it a million times, these images will what you point to and tell stories about one day. We could go to any random field in front of some pretty flowers, but what will that say in 30 years? We’ll be able to see what you LOOKED LIKE, but I want to document what it FELT LIKE. The only way to do that is to go somewhere meaningful. Somewhere there’s a story, family history, where you met, something that helps show what your personality is, a place that made you who you are. Maybe that’s going home, maybe that’s not….but what stories do you want to tell your kids one day. Let’s go THERE!


Going Home | Family Photographs on Family Property

THESE are the images that I love, the kind that tell your story…..the kind that immediately take you back to your roots!