Photos in Downtown Jeannette + the Public Library

By July 13, 2020 No Comments

Meet Alissa and Zach! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve photographed these two! As a matter of fact, it was roughly 8 years ago when he was getting ready to go off on deployment. Turns out, Zach is getting ready to go on another deployment and they wanted some updated photos together! And I asked her the same question I ask everyone who is inquiring to book.

What location did you have in mind? Where’s that one place that brings back lots of memories for the two of you? She answered the Library in Jeannette pa -their home town. She went on to tell me how when they were teenagers and just started to date, her parents didn’t allow her quite yet. SOOOO, she would meet up with him at the Jeannette Public Library to hang out. You know….”study”! haha!

So….we went there! She called ahead and got special permission and we photographed them in the very spot they used to hang out together. When we finished up images with all the books, Alissa surprised him with a video she had put together with messages from his friends and family.

Afterwards, we walked around the little town and found cute spots to take photos-trust me, we had some fun with it-especially with the 3 Stooges!

Here’s their story. These images may not mean anything to anyone else, but someday they will be able to laugh and point to the very background of these images. Who knows, someday libraries may not even exist in the same way they do now-how cool is it going to be that they will have these to document that!

Zach, thank you so much for serving our country and for all the sacrifices you make while you’re away from your family!