destination senior session | Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

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The first question I always ask people when they want to book a session with me is: “Have you given any thought to a location?” Most people respond with a “no” or “I haven’t thought about it yet”……and then I usually tell them to think of a place that MEANS a lot to them. A place that holds a lot of memories so that when you look back at them, you’ll not only see yourself in the images, but there would be a story to tell about the background of the images. I think because of my “why” (which you can read about in my About page at the top), I’m always trying to photograph the story. Because going to some random field, with some pretty flowers doesn’t really tell your story….UNLESS, that’s the field you played in growing up, or those are the flowers that your Grandma planted or that’s where you spent a lot of time as a teenager reading books….you get my point.

ALWAYS…pick a location that’s meaningful. That doesn’t mean it has to be any where far away, it could be beside a dumpster for all I care, as long as we have good light, I can make any location look amazing…..but in this case, their place was Myrtle Beach, South Carolina! So that’s where we went to shoot Kyle’s senior session. Honestly, the 20 plus hours I spent driving to and from this location was so worth it. It fit his personality to a T, but also, this is the place he has so many fond memories from as they vacationed there every summer for the past several years. So when she asked me if I was willing to travel there to shoot his session…..and stay in the condo to be able to enjoy the beach….hell yeah!!

We ended up hitting some cool spots along the Boardwalk, Caledonia Golf Course for some big dripping moss oak trees and an adorable and quaint area not far from Murrells Inlet!


Franklin Regional High School Senior | Beach Vibes Photos


So this one time in 10th grade Gym class I had gotten nailed in the nose by a frisbee keep in mind i was about 5 yards away from the person who through it and they were trying to get it all the way down the football field around the 50 and we were standing around the 10 yard line. I was sent up to the nurses office in a wheel chair because there was so much blood. The nurse decided to put two tampons up my nose and I didn’t know until the nurse had called my mom to tell her what happened and that she put tampons up my nose to stop the bleeding and I sent a picture of myself with tampons up nose to a bunch of my friends.

1. I’ve matched in the 2019 Macy Thanksgiving Day parade

2. I love anything Star Wars

3. My favorite meal is a Cheeseburger with fries and a milkshake

4. I look like KJ Apa

5. My favorite season is fall because of the colors of the trees and the sunsets are amazing and I get to wear flannel

Senior Portraits on the Boardwalk at Night

I can juggle



Senior Photos at Caledonia Golf & Fish Club (Pawleys Island)

Senior Portraits at the Beach During Dusk