Senior Photo Experience | High School Milestone

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For me, they were the best years! I know the majority of people will tell you that they hated their entire high school career and although there were some not so pleasant experiences during that time for me, I would honestly go back and do it all over again.

I think that’s why it breaks my heart that many of the seniors graduating this year/and those that graduated last year aren’t getting the chance to have the FULL experiences that come with this particular stage of their lives. Prom, graduation, sports, musicals and all the other things are going to look a little different for reasons that are completely outside of their control.

I can’t single handedly fix anything, I can’t give them back the memories they won’t have the opportunity to make…but I can be part of being able to provide the experience of their senior photos! I believe there are certain milestones you should be able to check off of your imaginary scorecard before you graduate…and the senior photo experience is one of them!

It’s the one thing I regret from that time in my life. I never had my own senior photos taken-except for the one in the yearbook (which I look like the Dutch Boy from the Paint Can with my haircut)….but it makes me sad that I don’t have those images to capture and represent who I was at that time in my life to show my kids.

I get it, this school year may not be what you expected it would be, but we can still celebrate YOU. Showcase YOU. Create an entire session to show off your personality. Bad jokes are complimentary! haha!



Saltsburg High School Senior | Class of 2021

Meet Kirstin, isn’t she gorgeous!!!