Senior Session During COVID | City Vibes

By June 20, 2020 No Comments

I met Joe for the first time back in 2012…he was 10, or around that age. I was photographing his family right before his Dad was scheduled to go off on his deployment.  THAT shoot had started off on a bad foot. I mean I drove almost 45 minutes away to realize I had forgotten my camera! YES, I forgot my damn camera! You can read all about it here.  (go look how young he was!!) 

Luckily for me, I forgot my camera for a reason and we ended up with the most amazing sunset that we would have otherwise finished up to early to witness. This time around, I triple checked that I had my camera with me and off to Pittsburgh we went….where we ALSO ended up with an amazing sunset!

Anytime I work with seniors, I always try to find out a little bit about them in order to customize a senior session to their personality and interests…Pittsburgh was the perfect location for Joe. Throw in the Green Phase of a Pandemic and you get a city that we practically had all to ourselves. There was abundant parking and places that would typically be FULL of tourists were emptier than normal which means, we had so much more flexibility on where we could shoot. Fueled up on Condados tacos, we ventured off around the city while our chauffeur A.K.A. “Mom” waited to take us to our next spot. We may or may not have taken a few wrong turns and maybe went the long way around to get to some of the places but regardless…..we journeyed up to Mt. Washington from down town during the most beautiful summer sky sunset.

Because the city was so empty, and we planned ahead with goals in mind, we ended up with some daylight shots, dusk shots and those night/city shots that Joe was after!