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50th Golden Wedding Anniversary | Vow Renewal

By June 17, 2020 No Comments

You may recognize these two! If you’re from the Indiana County, PA area-specifically the Blairsville area, chances are you have encountered these two along your lives journey. They are among the kindest and most generous souls our little community has and they have had a hand in helping people heal in more ways than they might ever know!

Anniversaries mark the passage of time and it’s the perfect time to reflect on all the ways a relationship has grown, how the world has changed in that time and how your family has expanded. I was lucky enough to be there to document one of their most special days-their 50th GOLDEN wedding anniversary/vow renewal!

They stood in the very same church on the very same day 50 years later surrounded by the very family they created during their 50 years of marriage. (I mean if that doesn’t give you the warm and fuzzies, I’m not sure what will) She held a recreation of the original bouquet, they enjoyed the same flavored cake, and wore the same rings that they exchanged back in 1970.

This vow renewal was filled with so many sentimental moments but my personal favorite was when they got to share their wedding album with all of their Grandchildren moments before the ceremony. They all stood around as their Grandparents hands turned the pages and they pointed and laughed at the memories that were captured in the images from all those years ago. It’s the moment that I preach about all the time. How images capture those moments that some day you will point to and be able to share with your Grandchildren….I got to witness that in real time. The joy that it brought was just so dang cool!

The Golden Anniversary


Congratulations on fifty years of unforgettable moments.