fall engagement session | shelly + garrick

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I received this email from her the day after she received her images from this shoot!

Hey Jen!
Garrick and I want to say thank you so much for the AMAZING engagement photos! We are in love with them and I probably will want to hang all 20 of them on my wall!
You are my absolute DREAM photographer for our engagement photos and wedding and we are so grateful to be able to work with you!
I seriously can’t wait until next September for this wedding!!
Thank you again!
-Garrick and Shelly

GUYS……I legit have THE BEST clients! The end.


Indiana County, PA Photographer | Fall Engagement Session

We met at a high school baseball game and I (shelly) friended him on facebook and he declined it. Later in high school, we had an accounting class together and became friends.


Garrick- The first thing I had noticed about Shelly when I walked into the room was how beautiful she looked.

Shelly- I noticed that he was really funny and how cute he was.

Our favorite things to do while dating were to go to sporting events such as the Steelers, penguins and Pirates. We also liked to go on dinner dates and watch Netflix together. Garrick’s  favorite hobby is hunting and anything outdoor and my favorite hobby is shopping.




-Your dog


-My dog


-my straightener

We went to Mount Washington to eat at the LeMont restaurant because neither of us had been there before. We had ate and then Garrick wanted to go to an overlook to see the view of Pittsburgh. We left the restaurant and of course we had to walk to the furthest overlook away, which felt like 5 miles uphill. Keep in mind this was in the middle of August so it was very hot outside. We then got to the overlook and was there maybe 2 min and Garrick said “oh well you ready to leave?” and I said “we just walked about 5 miles to get here and I”m to enjoy the view. He turned towards me and reached into his sock and pulled a ring box out. I told him to stop joking and get back up because he was lying.  But he actually was for real. After I said yes, My mom, my stepdad and Garrick’s mom and sister came out behind a tree and surprises me. I was so shocked!


-really loves grilled cheese

-always have to straighten my hair

-really loves fuzzy blankets


-Really loves video games

-Loves Chinese food

-Grandma is from South Korea

“Garrick said I love you first over a text message after I left his house, I then had to text my friend because it was so unexpected and I didn’t know what to do. Finally I said it back after he texted me hello a bunch of times. “-Shelly

Garrick- Funny, handsome and caring

Shelly- Stunning, sweet, loving