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I’ve Created a Monster

By May 14, 2010 One Comment

I’ve said it a million times—- when it comes to photographing my own child….THIS is what happens. It starts out being all innocent and “cute” and then something explodes and the silliness comes out! I’ve come to the conclusion that she belongs in the Performing Arts….acting, singing, dancing….something along those lines. I mean the child is a “Little Miss Diva” in front of the camera. I’ve created a Monster!! haha!!

PS: I took this photo in my office…..yes those are the colors of the walls. Remember, the office post? If not, click *here*.  Ok, maybe not the EXACT color but very close. Let’s just say it’s high energy and certainly NOT for everyone…but it sure makes for a fun background color 🙂


 ***Just a side note** There is a new feature on the blog. At the bottom, just below, you can *Like* the post or “Share the Love” .  🙂 I’m out…I gotta go get stuff prepared for tomorrow’s wedding.  🙂

One Comment

  • Robin Grimm says:

    I wonder where she gets the silly’s from????? She is so sweet–I bet you could just “gobble” her up!!!!

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