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Some of you may know, I’m part of a two county Coalition called the “Armstrong-Indiana Drug Free Communities Coalition”. (Become a fan if you are interested in the projects we are /have been working on.) This coalition is funded by a grant called the Drug Free Communities Grant and it is coordinated by the Armstrong-Indiana Drug and Alcohol Commission.  I am the community mobilizer for the grant and I love being involved in the media aspect of the projects  that we do (after all it is my background). You may remember these previous posts. I shot behind the scene photos of the filming of this project.

Day 1: Behind the Scenes
Day 2: Behind the Scenes

Well, the time has come to share the final edited version of the project-a 30 second PSA targeted towards teens. The guys at OrionVega did a fantastic job, and we have thoroughly enjoyed working with them. This was our second project working with them….and honestly, they are the most down to earth guys EVER and I would recommend them 100 times…awesome guys! Also, huge thank you to our Police Officers: Sgt. Andrea Campbell and Sgt. Jamie Jones, the students of the IUP Theatre Department…AND Dave Neely with Renda Broadcasting for all helping with the creation of the radio PSA’s.  I’m honored to have been able to work with all of you…..and it’s amazing to see our idea come to life.

So here ya have it, our PSA. The message: Are you going out? So are we! Be safe, Be responsible, Be smart! It will begain airing on Comcast starting today!

The DFCC is led by a cross-section of community stakeholders. At the table, you will find individuals representing education, healthcare, drug and alcohol prevention, human services, law enforcement, government, parents and concerned citizens.If you are interested in being part of our coalition, please visit

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