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i’m going to CreativeLIVE–woot! | blairsville, pa photographer |

By January 19, 2012 5 Comments

i’m going to creativeLIVE, i’m going to creativeLIVE….ahhhhh

I was almost 40 minutes from home standing in the Panera parking lot, after meeting with my fellow photographer friend Amanda, doing the happy dance. I’m talking arms and legs flailing around kind, drop it likes it hot, rodger rabbit, cabbage patch dance! Sorry for the visual! I was one of the lucky 6 photographers chosen by Christa Meola–a New York Boudoir photographer that I look up to , to go on CreativeLIVE and learn all of her awesomeness. Christa and the folks at CreativeLive posted a call for auditions to attend the 3 day boudoir workshop taught by Christa and they were going to give away 6 spots for FREE. We had to upload a video talking about WHY we wanted to attend.



Here is the link to my original post and  my “audition video”:


So I’m heading to Seattle, Washington from February 10th-12th to hang out with Christa Meola, the folks at CreativeLIVE AND 5 other awesome photographers!!! This will be my first time in Seattle…..eeek!!!  

So excuse me while I go change my pants, because I think I peed in them (JUST KIDDING…kinda) and take a look at the other photographers I’ll get to hang out with in Seattle.

Nicole Gravatt – Kansas City, KS
Carlo Nicora – London, England
Brande Medina – Charlotte, NC
Michelle Coppini – Fort Walton Beach, FL
B. Allan Stewart – Melbourne, AR
Jen Mcken – Blairsville, PA

For those of you who are interested in tuning in to see the workshop from the comfort of your own home…..go grab your seat here for FREE.




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  • Anna says:

    awesome news Jen!! i often watch creativeLive workshops!

  • Amanda says:

    Woohoo! Down the road when you are world famous and shorten your name to just one word like Bono or Cher – I will be able to say I was there when you got the call !

  • Robin G. says:

    I am still waiting for THAT call from YOU telling me you are ready for that position we discussed a couple of years back – don’t tell you you forgot!!!

  • Melissa Jean says:

    That’s such exciting news! Good job for being diligent and posting your video. I’d love to go to creative live sometime – but for this one I’ll just be watching you and Christa from home!

  • Kristina says:

    Jen, I’ve been watching CreativeLIVE and you always ask the best questions! You’re a great participant 🙂

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