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By January 18, 2012 2 Comments

One of my business goals for 2012 was to get out, have lunch, meet up for coffee and network with other photographers. So on a whim yesterday, my friend Courtney and I made the trip to the “burgh” to hang out at the Pittsburgh PUG meeting. I know what you’re thinking…..awww, cute little puppies! hahaha…but no furry friends where there. PUG stands for Pictage Users Group, but before you ask, NO you don’t actually have to be a Pictage user to attend.

Pictage User Groups are gatherings for inspiration and education to learn from photographers in your area, participate in thoughtful discussions, and forge friendships with members of your community. So yesterday was my first time attending due to crazy schedules but I hope to make it back to lots more in the future. I met so many awesome photographers yesterday….it was nice to put a face to people I’ve been Facebook friends with or have Tweeted with over the past several months and to meet some new people I wouldn’t have met otherwise. Isn’t social media AWESOME! Yesterday’s meeting featured guest speaker Jared Bauman, Photographer & Owner of ShootDotEdit and photographer Leeann Marie who talked about some awesome tips for helping your business run more efficiently.

If you are a Pittsburgh area photographer and you are interested in getting out and meeting other awesome photographers, head on over to the Pittsburgh PUG Facebook page and give it a big old thumbs up and you can keep updated on when the next meetings will be. If you aren’t from the Pittsburgh area, visit this website and you can find a PUG group near you.

This picture is the group shot from all the awesome photographers that came to learn and mingle. It was taken with Leeann Marie’s hand dandy iphone.



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  • Amanda says:

    I haven’t been to PUG for a couple years. Do I spot Aaron Varga and Jenny Karlsson in that group??

  • Amanda says:

    I haven’t been to PUG for a couple years! Do I spot Aaron Varga and Jenny Karlsson in that group??

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