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I’ve been having so much fun shooting these glamour sessions. I’ve had women book them for the upcoming months for so many different reasons. One woman has just won against a battle of breast cancer and just wants to feel “girly” again, another woman has gone thru a rather painful break up and wants to do something special for herself to remind her that she still is beautiful and I have another woman who has recently lost a bunch of weight and just wants to get some new images of her new look! I’m so incredibly excited to work with all of you ladies and I love that you guys are doing this for YOURSELVES!!

Another thing I love about these sessions is that if you’ll notice, they are completely covered.  You don’t have to be in lingerie to be sexy! This is Erin-you may remember her from a few previous posts….I’ll be blogging again about her later this week. She was my “very first model” back when I was first starting out. I’m going to show you all what my portraits USE TO look like back in the day-good lord I’ve come so far!! I hope to look at these posts many years from now and think the same thing. 🙂

I also just wanted to mention…..that we purchased this outfit at good old Walmart. A simple tank top and a lace top… point is, you don’t have to be dressed in expensive clothes from Beverly Hills to be GAWWW-GEOUS!!


Oh and by the way…these are husband approved. Jereme gives them a thumbs up!


I really do have some gorgeous friends!! She’s just as beautiful on the inside!!

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