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better than a box of chocolates | valentine’s day boudoir sessions

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I’m going to be honest with you, I believe you should show your loved one (husband, fiancé, etc.) you love them ALL year round, buuuuuut…… let’s face it, there is something “warm and fuzzy” about celebrating Valentine’s Day on that single day of the year. Also, I’m a practical girl, I love chocolates and I love flowers-what girl doesn’t? But just like on your wedding day, the flowers die, the chocolate gets eaten and you’re left with nothing tangible….except for your photos or maybe that cute little teddy (BEAR…Teddy BEAR…RAWR!!!) that he got you.

Which brings me to my point-what better way to leave a lasting impression all year long by booking a boudoir session to show off your tastefully sexy side…..double RAWR!

Many of you have asked, so here it is. I booked several shoots prior to posting this, so I only have 5 available spots left…here are the “deets” <— (that was me trying to be hipster!)


boudoir photography, jen mcken photographer

boudoir photography, jen mcken photographer

boudoir photography, jen mcken photographer

** get someone  to come with you on and book a session on the same day  and take $50 off your session fee. Prints + canvases+ hardback albums are also available for purchase

I will be scheduling mini boudoir sessions from now thru January 30th (to ensure the products will be back in time for Valentine’s Day.) I have limited availability but if you want to step it up a notch for this year’s gift, call as soon as possible to secure your date/time.

Please note: boudoir sessions can also be scheduled throughout the year, but to ensure your final product is back before Valentine’s Day, sessions must be scheduled before January 30th. 

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