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It was bound to happen… | my weight loss journey

By January 3, 2014 8 Comments

It’s almost been one year since I’ve set out to get healthy…..I can’t believe I’ve stuck with it this long and that I have no intent on stopping any time soon. I’ve even bought my husband some men’s workout pants so he can get fit with me too! Some of you have been emailing me asking how things have been going with all the hustle and bustle of the holiday so I thought I’d hop on and give you a little update. If it’s your first time here, below are all my previous posts on my journey to being healthy. I tried my best to “keep it real” so even though I’m a professional photographer, most of the images are with my iphone! 🙂 If you follow me on Instagram (jen mcken) you may have seen some of these already …..

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I guess this post was bound to happen…..I mean, I had a whole year of awesomeness losing a little every month…..but I officially got on the scale after the holidays and I gained 4 pounds *gasp*-but I really think most of it is water weight. I’m not mad, because I totally enjoyed myself and had lots of “cheat days” It’s the first month I’ve “gained” and I really can’t get upset. I mean December is basically a month all about food and I managed to make way better choices this year than I would have in previous years and for that I am grateful. So although I can’t report rainbows and butterflies with my progress this month, I’ve come SUCH a long way!

I’ll be honest, I also slacked off a bit on the whole exercise wagon during the last two weeks of the month. My workout instructor took two weeks off and although I had the best of intentions, the cold gray weather really affected my motivation these past few weeks. The gray days really get to me-not the cold, I can handle the cold, it’s just the depressing gray days without the sun that really cut into my motivation. I’ve been thinking about trying an otc appetite suppressant similar to Phentermine but I really want to get back into exercise first. I think the reason I lost so much weight is due to the amount of exercise I’ve done. I’m really proud of myself but I’m still annoyed that I’ve taken my foot off the gas. I’m just glad that I wasn’t the only one who felt like this. I have other friends who had decided to lose some weight at the same time as me, and they struggled through the winter too. But on saying that, they somehow managed to power through and said that they wouldn’t be where they are without the expert help and advice from this weight loss Houston center, as they have seen some brilliant results recently. I’m just glad that I have the help of a workout instructor in my area who has been able to help me to continue through it, even in the hardest of times. But, the cold months definitely were a struggle. With that said, I went dancing New Year’s eve and after a whole slew of 80’s songs, I sat down and didn’t feel winded…it was the best feeling ever!

January 15th will officially be ONE year for my journey….so technically I still have another week or two before my one year anniversary and I have no plans on stopping then. I will loose 100 pounds total and I will be traveling to Santorini, Greece to reward myself. I just keep thinking of how far I’ve come this past year and I am so incredibly proud. I remind myself daily that it’s not easy and if it were then EVERYONE would be doing it.

I’m beginning to realize that maybe I need some new headshots! I need to get on that! 😉

So now for some random photos….


The photo on the left was taken last January-we were in the airport heading to Disney….the right photo was taken several weeks ago. I can’t get over how much less “puffy” my face looks.


Ohh this is a gem. Judging by the wallpaper boarder, it was circa 2002’ish…..Greg and I had finally gotten out of an apartment and into a small little house, we didn’t have the room so my computer was on the kitchen table….ohh humble beginnings! <3 I know it's not the most flattering angle, but good lord am I happy to not be *there* anymore.


This was our very first belly dancing class back in January. We laughed so freakin hard during that class because we felt so silly…but it was so much fun. Seriously if you haven’t tried a belly dancing class… need to go with a bunch of girl friends after a glass of wine. Hilarious!!!!! For my fellow photog geeks….I’m wearing my black CPS shirt (Canon Professional Services) and I’ve since had to toss it into the goodwill pile…it’s too big! 🙂

2014-01-03_004So this is a recent comparison. The image on the left is from New Year’s Eve 2012… in my kitchen hallway…the image on the right is taken in exactly the same spot (minus the broom stick up my bum) one year later. I can’t wait to take another one next year!2014-01-03_003One more from New Year’s Eve….the top image is from last year and the bottom is exactly one year later in the same exact spot. 🙂


Oh and this cracks me up. I’m obsessed with holiday socks and I look forward to wearing them all year. So I wore them to my workout classes. On this day, my pants are starting to get too loose and hang lower so my pant legs drag on the floor. It got annoying so I tucked them into my socks…..I was looking HAWWWWWT!!!! We all got a giggle.

2014-01-03_009 And here are more recent photos. That black dress…yeah, I paid $1.97 for it. WOOT WOOT!


This image was taken earlier in the year…I kept this shirt and jeans just to do another picture after I reach my final goal! I can’t wait!


And lastly, I dug out my old snow pants to go tubing at Seven Springs….I think I’m going to need to go shopping for a new pair!

So there it is folks. I’m not perfect, I gained a few pounds but I know I’ll have good news to report for next month. It’s going to be tough because I’m leaving for a conference in Phoenix but I’m planning on getting up early to workout while I’m there….eating out always makes me anxious, but I got this!

If one of your New Year’s Resolution’s was to loose weight or get in shape, read a few of my blog posts I provided above…..I tried my best to keep it real…it’s totally possible…you just have to believe you can! <3 Did I mention, I did it all by myself without any weight loss gimmicks, shakes or fad diets! Just sayin!


  • Stephanie Holliday Zorabedian says:

    You are awesome! My friend Toni turned me on to your blog and after reading your previous weight loss posts (and laughing my ass off…you’re one funny lady!) I felt empowered to start taking control of my health, too. So THANK YOU and keep up the hard work!

  • Ruth Seiler-Jackson says:

    You are such an inspiration! Keep up the great work! You will barely be recognizable in another year!

  • Anna Marisol Padilla says:

    So awesome! Hope to see you in Phoenix! 🙂

  • Krystal Tirado says:

    we got this. workouts before classes girl!

  • Addie says:

    Girlfriend, you are SO inspirational. Keep it going! 🙂

  • Sharon Jackson says:

    So proud of you! You are an amazing photographer, a wonderful Mom, an inspiration to us all-to be the best we can be. You my friend are doing fantastic! Keep it up and keep us posted on your beautiful photo work!

  • Nicole Stuart says:

    Congratulations Jen! This is some serious return on investment. I wish you lived in Chicagoland, so I could have you take some high school graduation shots of my son. No one deserves the business more than you: an entrepreneurial woman, mom, and advocate for decency in humanity.

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