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I think when people think of “glamour sessions” for women, they get the image of a pink feather boa, blue eye shadow and big hair……well the 80’s called and they wanted their images back….haha! Get those cheesy images out of your mind, these are modern Glam Sessions that we shoot in the studio. Think of them as alternative to boudoir sessions because let’s face it ladies, you don’t have to be practically naked to feel gorgeous and sexy!

It all started with a 30 something mom who mentioned it has been YEARSSSS since she had photographs taken of herself that made her feel beautiful. It made me think…she is SO RIGHT. Most of you women, haven’t had a shoot focused on yourselves since your senior year of high school or perhaps your wedding day.  She wasn’t quite ready for a boudoir session, but she wanted gorgeous images of herself!

Let’s stop the misconception that you have to take your clothes off to be sexy…ladies, that is not true-despite what all the magazines tell you! I want to show you how gorgeous you are!

Ohhh and let me guess, you don’t know how to pose…..well it’s a good thing I know what I’m doing! haha! I got your back, I will direct you the entire time! I have lots of tricks up my sleeve….and if I had a quarter for every time someone told me they aren’t “photogenic” and then saw themselves on the back of the camera and said, “is that me?”, I’d be on the beach in Fuji somewhere! haha!

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Pull out your favorite cocktail dress, get glammed up and let’s take some gorgeous pictures hot mamma! <3 Email me at

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