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By May 18, 2016 2 Comments

Meet the Wagner family from Northern Cambria! They traveled down to big bad Blairsville for their family session and we hung out for a little while joking around and hanging their little brother over the creek-yes I’m serious! No-no one was hurt during the making of these photos! haha!

They are a baseball loving family and they have all played since the age of 4! We found a day that no one had practice and the sun was shining-it was just meant to be!

indiana pa family photographerI mentioned on facebook when I posted their sneak peek, but sometimes after spending time with the families, I get to learn more about them and what their outlook of life is and I walk away thinking “THIS” is why I do what I do. You guys all know my story about how I got started in photography and all about “my why“….so whenever I find someone that aligns with “my why”, it’s like the angels sing! haha! Ok, I’m being over dramatic but you catch my drift. She has to be one of the most appreciative people that I have come across in a long time! It was refreshing….and her boys were very respectful AND they agreed to color coordinate….two thumbs up in my book! indiana pa family photographerindiana pa family photographerAnd of course I had to pull them away separately for a few shots by themselves…. It’s been a while since Mom has had her photo taken……look how gorgeous she is! indiana pa family photographerSeriously though, thank you guys for being so cooperative and THANK GOD the weather cooperated and we didn’t have to be short one kid! hahaha!


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