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vintage car baby shower | chestnut ridge blairsville pa | baby levi

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I have said many times that I have had the opportunity to meet some pretty A-MAZING people thru my camera. I’ve made some pretty awesome “friends thru my lens” and particular one threw me the most beautiful baby shower this past weekend. You’ve seen her on the blog MANY times-first 3 years ago when she flew us to Key West to shoot her wedding, and through out many adventures gallivanting around Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Palm Springs and Joshua Tree and our several beach trips. Funny thing is, prior to shooting her wedding (and her emailing me to book the wedding before she was “technically” even proposed to) I didn’t know her from a hole in the ground. After shooting her wedding, we became BFF’s and now she’s stuck with me! She reached out to me after the Bullying Article several years ago and told me that if she ever got engaged, I would be shooting her wedding…..turns out-she gets what she wants! haha! Fast forward to 2016 when I find out I’m expecting, and she books the gorgeous Chestnut Ridge for my shower! I have told her thank you so many times, but I’m not quite sure she understands how thankful I really am. That was one of the kindest gestures anyone has ever done for me. Together with my Mom, who was in charge of (and put a lot of time into) games/gifts, my friends Jen and Stacey who made cookies and cupcakes….it was the most amazing day. I had friends travel from out of state, out of town and I was so very humbled by all the kindness that day. It was so awesome to look around the room (at all 50+ people) and see friends and family from all the different stages of my life: elementary school thru college, my career friends, family + bonus family, etc.  Levi is already so loved…..and I won’t ever be able to articulate how thankful I am to everyone who came to celebrate with us this past weekend. <3

I obviously wasn’t able to take photos during the shower, but I did take a few photos of the center pieces and decorations. We went with a vintage car theme since Greg is our “car guy”. I love how it turned out……we collected vintage items over the past couple of months at flea-markets and antique shops and everything you see will be used to decorate baby Levi’s room.

vintage car baby showerI love that we were able to find so many vintage cars and trucks, old tool boxes and license plates.vintage car baby showerThe desert table was AWESOME!!!! I mentioned above that my friends Jen and Stacey pitched in to make cupcakes and cookies. Jen made the cupcakes and they were so freakin good….and cute! I’m telling you, if you need cake or cupcakes, Jen is your girl.vintage car baby shower…and the buckeyes made by Stacey were gone in no time! vintage car baby showervintage car baby showerThanks to my friend Sandy…..she took random candid shots while I opened gifts…..she caught ALL the awkward faces! hahah!vintage car baby showervintage car baby showerWe are so grateful for all of baby Levi’s gifts, it took almost 3 trucks to get everything home! Now I get to go thru it all….I can tell you one thing, Levi will be very well dressed! haha! vintage car baby showerAnd then a few of some friends and family before everyone left. I’m sad I didn’t get a picture with everyone that attended…so if you happened to take a cell phone photo of us, pretty please send it to me so that I can include it in his book! <3vintage car baby showerI have some amazing friends and family!

vintage car baby showervintage car baby shower


I can’t wait for you all to meet him in July….or August if he chooses to be stubborn! haha!

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